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5 Questions That Will Help You Choose The Best Crystal

by consciousreminder
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by Michael Harrison | Cosmic Cuts
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Crystals, minerals, and healing stones, oh my!

When it comes to crystals, there are so many choices. Almost too many choices. That’s certainly how it can feel, and if you’re like many people, you are completely overwhelmed with all the options.

I took an interest in crystals from the time I was a young boy. In fact, my matchbox car cases weren’t for cars – they were for crystals! And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how to help others discover the best crystal for them.

Yes, there are hundreds of crystals to choose from. And yes, it would take many dedicated years to learn about how each one can help you. But there are also five simple questions that can help you find the best crystal for you at this time in your life. Here they are:

1) What crystals am I drawn to?

For some people, this is the only question they need to ask. That’s because crystals are amazing in that their energy draws people to them who need their help.

So, if you were to go to a local crystal shop and run your hand about six inches above different crystals, you might notice a little energetic tug when you get to one that will help you the most at this point in your life. That tug could show up as tingling, heat, cold, or like a magnetic attraction.

It also means that if you’re browsing photos of crystals at an online crystal shop, you might find yourself visually pulled toward a particular stone.

When these things happen, it’s not by chance. It’s the energy of the crystal resonating with your personal energy system, and it should be the first sign that you’re on the right track.

2) What is the biggest issue or area of my life that I want to improve?

If question number one didn’t give you everything you need, the next question to ask yourself is what you want to improve in your life. Different symptoms and issues can be healed or improved with the use of crystals, and it can be helpful to turn to a book or a website where you can look up those issues and symptoms to see what crystals will help.

Often, you can use a combination of question one and two. For example, you might come up with a list of crystals that can help you with your problem and then look at them to see which ones you feel drawn to.

3) What chakra do I want to balance or optimize?

We all have seven main chakras, or energy centers, in our bodies that manage our health and well-being. When a particular chakra is out of balance, we’ll experience symptoms related to that chakra. Here are some examples of how that can play out:

  • If you’re having trouble expressing yourself, it could mean that your throat chakra needs a boost.
  • If you’re having digestive issues, you’re likely to see an improvement if you work on balancing your solar plexus.
  • If you are feeling spacey, you might need to balance your root chakra so you can feel more grounded.

Each crystal resonates at a frequency that matches certain chakras in the body; therefore crystals can help us bring our chakras into balance. Here’s a great Chakras & Crystals Infographic that will help you choose a crystal according to each chakra and your symptoms.

4) What positive energy do I want to feel more of in my life?

Crystals and healing stones have the uncanny ability to bring us positive energy that gives us the boost we need to transform our lives. With their help, we can more easily overcome obstacles that hold us back in life.

For instance, if you want to feel more happiness in your life, turn to yellow quartz or citrine. If you want to improve your intuition, try amethyst. Try sodalite for more harmony, emerald for more compassion, and garnet for vitality.

Some crystal websites will allow you to search for a crystal by typing in a word like “love” or “prosperity” to find the crystals that will help bring those things forward in your life.

5) Do I want it to be portable?

Fortunately, crystals come in many different shapes and sizes so you can always find one that suits your purpose. If you want to be able to bring your crystal with you everywhere you go, tumbled stones are the perfect solution because they fit in your pocket or purse. Crystal jewelry is also a good portable option.

On the other hand, if you want the energy of your crystal to improve the energy in your home or office, placing a larger crystal, like an amethyst geode, in the space will give you the best results. (That is what I specialize in selling over at CosmicCuts.com).

Find the Perfect Crystal for You!

By answering these five questions, you are sure to find the perfect crystal for you right now. Ask these questions a year from now, and you are sure to get different answers since different crystals can help you at different points in your life depending on what you are going through at the time.

Don’t forget that you can certainly work with several crystals at a time. If you’re just starting out, I suggest choosing one to start and then you can continue to add to your collection over time.

In the end, you can’t go wrong. Any crystal will make a positive impact in your life, so don’t worry so much about choosing the right one.

About the Author: Michael Harrison is an owner of Cosmic Cuts, where he offers fine mineral specimens at sensible prices. They specialize in providing the largest selection of high-quality amethyst geodes online, as well as a variety of other healing stones. Every crystal that is purchased from their website receives free shipping, no matter the price or weight.

Website: https://cosmiccuts.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5uoafMFdnZjaxpR82zWZA

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