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Cancer/Capricorn Is The Eclipse Cycle Duo For 2019/2020: Back On Track

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by Conscious Reminder

An eclipse is a significant event in the world of astrology. It does happen a few times in a year and then, the potent energy of the eclipse stays for a few months.

It repeats or introduces new themes into our lives during those times. In the past, eclipses were considered a terrible omen. But if we look at it carefully, then you might see that eclipses are actually bringing a lot of changes in your life.

What are Eclipses?

Eclipses can happen either on a Full moon or a New moon. When an eclipse happens during a Full moon, it is called a Lunar eclipse. While it is taking place during a New Moon, it is called a Solar Eclipse. You can feel the power of an eclipse a month before it happens and a month after it ends. Eclipses zero in on some of the major points of our lives. If there are any turning point in our lives, then this is the time when it might enter our lives.

Fate Returns

Eclipses are known to bring fate back into our lives. Our lives have a purpose. We have already decided on a plan before we enter this realm. But this plan is hidden and we need to explore and find it out slowly as we move forward in life. That is what makes life an adventure. But often, we fail to see our purpose and stray away from our path. It is during these times that the eclipses come to our help. It can take us away from the path we have strayed on and drop us back in our intended path. While this route is what was ‘meant to be’, the change is huge and so, it might be a bit scary at first.

We are free too

However, we are not only controlled by fate. We also have free will and this makes us choose which path we want to go in. Thus, it is not necessary for anyone to learn more about their intended purpose, but a deeper understanding of the soul always helps us develop our own decisions. This is why turning within and taking a deep look into our soul can bring us to a deeper realisation as to the impact of our choices in our lives and the destiny that we seek. And that’s how eclipses help us to better align ourselves with our purpose.

We sometimes feel that once we become aware of the purpose of our soul, we can lead a happy and painless life. But nothing can be farther from the truth. The soul is here to learn the different shades of life and pain is a part of it. When we have entered this life, we cannot run away from the various shades that it presents. There will be hardships such as suffering and pain, but along with that, there will be moments of elation. Life is about growing, learning, and experiencing. We may not be aware of the beauty of it now, but the eclipse is there to help us understand the energy present all around us and perceive life as it is. It will bring us back to our soul’s path.

When are they occurring?

There are a number of solar eclipses that will be occurring along the Cancer and Capricorn line:

  • 5th January, 2019- Capricorn Solar Eclipse
  • 2nd July, 2019- Cancer Solar Eclipse
  • 16th July, 2019- Capricorn Lunar Eclipse
  • 25th December, 2019- Capricorn Solar Eclipse
  • 10th January, 2020- Cancer Lunar Eclipse
  • 20th June, 2020- Cancer Solar Eclipse
  • 4th July, 2020- Cancer Lunar Eclipse

During these days, you will have to pay attention to whatever changes are happening around you. We had a line of eclipses along Cancer-Capricorn axis back in 2011-2012, so you might want to recall how your life went back during that time.

Themes of the Eclipse

These are some of the themes that you are likely to feel during this eclipse:

  • The practical side of Capricorn will be balanced with creative Cancer.
  • You will be more focused on creating a better work-life balance.
  • Family is an important theme during this period. You might have to mend your relationship with the feminine Cancer, your mother, and masculine Capricorn, your father.
  • Old family themes and issues will resurface.
  • Our goals will be important and we will be moving towards them.
  • We will have a mentor or guide enter our lives.
  • We will be more responsible and be grounded in our lives.
  • We will be more capable of handling and balancing our emotions.
  • Capricorn will bring the focus on governments, money and power structures.
  • Cancer will focus on women’s rights and health.
  • If we don’t concentrate on self-care, we might feel burnt out.
  • We might be feeling responsible to dig up older issues and resolve them.
  • We can access our emotions better.
  • Creative endeavors can become a success.

The eclipses bring us on our intended path. We should not resist this change. Rather, we should embrace it and move forward with it, for the nourishment of your soul path.

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