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Do People Who Give Off Bad Vibes Deserve A Second Chance?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we start embracing our psychic gifts, we will pick up some bad vibes. A lot of people are going to have an immediate dislike for; however, it does not mean that we have to take the information too seriously and to heart immediately or could those people have a terrible day?

Recognizing energetic shifts.

Sensing or recognizing other people’s energies is actually a skill which is quite common among those that have their psychic capabilities well-developed. We could sense that a person is really sad even when he or she smiles.

Or maybe we can feel that a person is angry although he or she has a straight and calm face. Empaths are really good when it comes to sensing other people’s energies. Sometimes, they can even get overwhelmed by those energies.

Sometimes, we can sense other people’s energies without even realizing it. So, we can mistake those energies for our own feelings. For example, we entered in a certain room, and we felt our emotions change; maybe we had an excellent day and after that, all of a sudden, we felt anxious and nervous.

However, the opposite may also occur. Maybe we had a terrible and awful day, and after that, we run into a person, and we inexplicably and unexpectedly felt better.

In such situations, our energy interacts with other people’s energies, and those energies affect our vibrations. This means that we pick up on those people’s vibes.

However, energy is usually a changing thing. We should think about our moods. There are days when we feel good; there are other days when we feel bad. Paying attention to our feelings and moods when around other people, we will notice that those moods and feelings change; sometimes we feel good, while sometimes we feel bad too.

So, when we meet someone for the first time, and we have an immediate dislike for him or her, can or cannot reflect the situation that is happening. When someone gives us bad vibes or energies, it may mean a lot of different things such as they are an untrustworthy individual, they feel uncomfortable around us, they lie to us, they are having a terrible day, or they do not feel very well.

Interpreting bad vibes: How to do it?

When we pick up some bad vibes for a person, there is one thing sure: we are not supposed to ignore it, never. We have to take the things seriously when we feel that we don’t like a person.

Here are the four steps which we may take, in order to help us understand what the bad vibes try to tell us:

1. Write our feelings down.

In order to record our impressions and thoughts, we need to have a so-called psychic journey. When we pick up negative vibes about a person, we should write everything down and even include the date it happened.

2. Make sure we cleanse our energy.

When we pick up the bad energy of a person, and we really don’t like how we feel, we have to remember to do some rituals in order to cleanse our aura.

We are not supposed to go to sleep without doing that. One way of doing that is smudging, and another way is taking a shower because water is an excellent cleansing agent.

3. We should ask for signs.

Passively waiting in order to get our psychic impressions is not recommended. We may ask for some signs in order to aid us with what we should do. When we feel uneasy about a person that is in our life, we can ask for signs about trusting him or her or not.

After that, we have to keep our eyes wide open for certain symbols which are going to give us insight. We may get the answer while we are dreaming or hear some song which tells us everything we have to know.

4. See whether those bad vibes come back.

We really have to pay more attention to our feelings the following time we are around that person. When we don’t feel those negative vibes anymore, it does not mean that we automatically trust him or her. It simply says that the jury is still out.

We should write down our feeling about this time in our journal. Then we should keep paying attention to our feelings the following several times we meet the person.

So, if we pick up negative vibes about him or her three times, we should move them into the group of people we keep at a considerable distance from us.

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