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by consciousreminder
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by Terrence LaMont Bellows,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

With conscious awareness and an appetite for illumination I seek out new ways of being and knowing myself in the world.

Then there are these people and encounters that match my seemingly peculiar way of structuring my world that I should come in contact with these people.

Have I always known them and just now decided to invite them over? Over to my world and my Light side. Where I can see them clearly. Where they can see me. Peculiar to some, to others, oh so normal. It becomes the actual definition and experience of common sense.

The question then comes to mind: “Who is the judge?” “Who is to judge?”

There is an experience that we can know as personal SELF experience. It already lives deep within each of us and it is as close as the breathe to the lungs. We search through the whole of existence; the entire thing we know of as our reality and still miss the truth of this particular experience.

Never knowing that we have achieved this success we so valiantly searched for time and time again and we act out in all our possibilities with the inner knowing that this awareness, in spite of ourselves, that we shall have it.

We go on and on the whole time thinking, we must create the space and the ability to receive this place in our hearts where this knowing is waiting for us to open our eyes and turn on our own Light. Not knowing all along that we are the space. We are the trees.

The Forest Is The Trees 

Petrified or young, fresh and green, it doesn’t matter. We know this place, this feeling, this cherished awareness and through the capacity to receive who we really are this place is known.

Though you may feel one way or another about this word: peace, you do not need the word to experience the rush of the awareness. The joy that comes in with the essence of the feeling.

Joy is an emotionally identifiable word and the feeling is the capacity to know something more than what is considered normal or on the surface.

Within each one is this capacity to feel. When you look at Hawkins Scale of Consciousness from Power vs Force by Dr Davis R. Hawkins you witness the findings concerning what is considered in the consciousness as the energy level of Peace to be 600.

You also see then the state of consciousness necessary to bring about Enlightenment in the Self is 700. So When we feel peace, when we know it and experience it, we are knocking on the door of Enlightenment.

Total release from expectation and a complete awareness of fulfilment beyond all doubt and couched in this awareness of the Self as simply “Being.”

Remember allowing and sincerity, these aspects come to aid during engagement in your disciplined exercises. Because, allowing and sincerity, will help you immensely to unlock this awareness and will usher in the experience of true Peace.

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