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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year: Get Ready For Lots Of Trips & Adventures

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by Conscious Reminder

The Chinese Lunar New Year starts when the New Moon which falls between the 21st of January and the 20th of February. This year, according to the time zone of China, the 5th of February will be the New Moon day of the first Chinese lunar month.

The Lunar New Moon, which is also called Spring Festival, represents one of the best and most important colorful events worldwide, and its celebration continues two or more weeks after the actual day.

For China, this represents the start of the New Year, and in their timeless tradition, Chinese people make sure that it begins with a delightful and auspicious display.

The Chinese Lunar New Year is radiating the joy and happiness of renewal, new beginnings, and sparks of the light which is reconnecting people with the magical side of life.

Firecrackers popping, bells ringing, a lot of colors, such as powerful gold and red, lanterns, dancers, costumes, and even fireworks which illuminate the sky at night, all this overtaking every street.

There are also offerings which are often made to their ancestors, while the old gets swept away, in order to take just the best luck and fortune.

The Year of the Earth Pig.

Yesterday, the 5th of February, we entered the so-called Chinese Year of the Earth Pig. So, the Earth element in combination with the pig will focus on international relationships and adventure.

The pig was said to be ‘traveling star’ which encourages travel as the way of exploring all the beauty which life offers us. The Chinese tradition implies that Earth Pig possesses gentle, intelligent, optimistic and generous qualities, and loves life too.

This year, we are going to learn how to express attentiveness and kindness in greater qualities with other people. Such efforts are going to be rewarded and favored, and this coincides with Universal Year 3.

The Pig’s best qualities are a strong desire for life and joy, inspiring whimsy and optimism. Just like with most of the things, the Pig has its weaker side too. As the Pig can actually be the innocent dreamer that has extraordinary optimism, it may also be naïve and trust other people too easily.

When incautious, the Pig may lack realism and grounding, because it will always be better to see life through glasses colored pink. The Pig also assures us that this will be the year for keeping our dreams large, our heart wide open and our feet firm on the ground.

So, if the New Year and the New Moon signify some hope for our desires and dreams, how can we give it the shape or put our ideas into taking action? Can we utilize more adventures in our life?

Or, how can we be gentler and kinder to other people and ourselves? How can we instill more passion, joy, and optimism in our life? This year, 2019, is definitely the one to live our lives as we wanted and share our joy with other people.

Everything we did, built and experience, led us up to this specific point. Now, it will be the time to start living our lives more fully and see how our dreams are becoming a reality. Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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