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Deadly Sin – PRIDE! Takes A Lot Of Vitality And Strength!

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Pride is the source of many harmful emotions and thoughts. Negative thoughts and emotions, in turn, lead to disease and suffering.

Person who wish to accumulate personal power as a vital energy, in order to overcome obstacles, easily realize to work on themselves. They are obliged to get rid of pride.

Pride takes a lot of vitality and strength! No wonder it feels belongs to one of the deadly sins.

But in order to get rid of arrogance, we must first recognize it!

The most characteristic symptoms of pride:

  1. Pride is especially evident sense of his own infallibility. These people feel that they are always right, are inclined to criticize someone, talk, gossip and blame.
  1. The next manifestation of pride – it is self-pity. Self-importance is a hidden self-pity. Person feels miserable, he feels his fear and the fear of the world. In order to protect themselves from it, puts on show of their importance, significance, wealth. Such a person is focused only on himself, he begins to play the role of the tyrant or the sacrifice of his life takes discipline, sobriety and steadiness.
  2. The ratio of down, indulgence. The person feels superior to others, therefore, of all people finds itself below.
  3. Patronizing attitude towards anyone. Such a manifestation of pride is close to condescension. Usually people who help someone require gratitude and respect. From such people can be heard: “You should be grateful to me for that. What have I done for you! “
  4. The humiliation of others and themselves. There are people who consider themselves losers, no matter what is not capable, low spirit. If they see someone above themselves, they are willing to crawl on his knees in front of them. But if they notice people below, then they force those people to behave the same way.
  5. Manifestation of self-importance is believed that “without me the world can’t exist.” These people think only of them all depend on them are kept: peace, work, family. Here there is a fine line between responsibility and self-importance.
  6. Too serious attitude. In humans, there is a feeling that he is a very important person. And this feeling gives him a reason to get annoyed with or without. And when something in life comes not just as you want, he can get up and leave. This situation often seen in divorced families. Each spouse believes that by doing so shows the force of his character, but it is not. Thus, on the contrary, they show weakness.
  7. Excessive importance, in turn, gives rise to another problem – the person starts to focus on what others think and say about him. He fixated on their problems and constantly talks about them, his narcissism manifests.
  8. Brag. Superiority feelings over other people. Man begins to extol its virtues. And he does so because he has an inferiority complex. He just needs to get the approval of others, to feel its significance.
  9. Refusal of assistance. Proud people do not allow other people to help themselves. Why? Because he wants to get all the fruit itself, he is afraid that will have someone to share.
  10. The desire for glory, respect and honor, to rise. People take credit services and other working people. But it is also in their inherent propensity to make idols out of people.
  11. The idea that activities which involved a man more necessary and more important than all the others.
  12. Rivalry. The desire to do badly hurt an opponent. Any competition leads to stress, it causes aggression, subconscious desire to humiliate the opponent, which ultimately leads to breakdowns and diseases.
  13. The desire to blame people for their mistakes, deeds and actions. Such a person deliberately seeks in others deficiencies mentally punishing them, it’s all done with a sense of anger, irritation and hatred. Sometimes even want to punish man.
  14. The use of words whose meaning is not clear to others. Typically, this flaw affects scientists.
  15. Reluctance to share their knowledge.
  16. Reluctance to thank and forgive. Resentment.
  17. Dishonesty to themselves and to others. Such a person can not fulfill their promises, especially to mislead people, lie.
  18. Sarcasm. The desire to be sarcastic, evil fun of someone hurt caustic remarks or rudeness.
  19. Reluctance to acknowledge that you have flaws – spiritual problems and pride.
From the book Sinelnikova V.V. “Formula of life. How to gain personal power”

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