Chinese Horoscope: The Year Of The Brown Earth Pig Brings Stability And Compassion

by Conscious Reminder

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year 2019 will be the Year of the Brown Earth Pig. It starts from 5th February and ends on 24th January, 2020. Pig is not the dirty animal we think it is.

In Chinese Horoscope, it is one of the most loving animals and exudes generosity and compassion. It has a kind heart and an expansive spirit. Because of this, the year will lighten you up and bring in a lot of joy. Plus, like 2018, this year will be ruled by Earth element.

This means stability. While you will find yourself averting risks, you will be enjoying other grounding elements like family life, traditions, and going through some pleasing routines. 2019 may seem slow and almost repetitive, but then – you can win the race even if you are slow!

Rat Horoscope

Pig Year brings a lot of celebrations for the people who fall under the Rat zodiac. They will make new friends and can mix with others easily. If you are a clever Rat, you can also combine pleasure with business to land great deals. However, Pig season is associated with gluttony which is terrible for the sensitive digestive system of Rats. Stay away from oily food, rather, go for whole grains and healthy food so that it doesn’t irritate your digestive system.

Ox Horoscope

The kind Pig year brings the spotlight on relationships which are important for people under the Ox zodiac. Relationships will grow stronger during this period. Plus, people under Ox zodiac love to work hard and now their hard work will be recognized. As a result, they can go for promotions if they want or gain some skills along the way. All the hard work will require a lot of energy and the Ox could get the same from essential oils and vitamin supplements to juice up their batteries.

Tiger Horoscope

Generally, people under the Tiger zodiac are very reckless. This is bad news, especially during this carefree Pig season, which can result in a lot of finances getting drained for no material gain. It is best if they concentrate on saving money rather than going out of their way and spending more. Tigers are generally very stubborn, but this year, they might turn out to be more flexible. If you are a Tiger, then you might want to change your lifestyle and break some of your bad habits. Since you are already high on energy, you can start working out and have fun!

Rabbit Horoscope

The Pig Year will be a delight for people under the Rabbit zodiac. There will a lot of financial opportunities, especially if you work in law, art, or advertising. But most of all, you will be able to strengthen your social connections. Education can be a bit difficult so try to work hard. Plus, Rabbits tends to get indulgent so it’s best to practice moderation.

Dragon Horoscope

Team work should be the key to your success and the 2019 Pig Horoscope makes sure that you don’t lack any social opportunities so that you get the right members to build a team. If you are one of the Daredevil Dragons, then you might go for extreme sports but make sure you have the safety equipment on. You might go for routine health check-ups as well.

Snake Horoscope

For the secretive Snakes, the Pig season will be a challenge. Promotions will be hard to come by, though smart Snakes will make sure that they work hard to get the approval of their superiors. If you want to renovate you home, this is a good time. As per your health, you will be stressed out – so it’s best if you remain optimistic.

Horse Horoscope

Horses are passionate and, this year, they will find their passion by getting its right outlet. Part-time workers can get a full-time job, beating their competition along the way. Plus, if you have invested in certain places, then they might turn out to be lucrative. Friendships will turn out to be positive and make you feel happy, unless you are one of the moody Horses who like to pour out their frustration onto their loved ones. Road rage might be a  issue for you, so try to stay relaxed i order to maintain good mental and emotional health.

Sheep Horoscope

The Pig season can go great for the easygoing Sheep. Their collaborative and diplomatic skills will propel them further in their career, especially if they are dealing with customers or are in the creative field. If you can have enough rest after each social engagement, you can also prevent yourself from catching a cold.

Monkey Horoscope

Monkeys love to have fun but they should try to keep moderation when it comes to work. If they get swayed by fun and party all the time, it will create a negative effect on their career, resulting in professional setbacks. However, if these small problems could be dealt with optimism, then they can progress in their career well. Regarding health, the immune system of Monkeys will be weak and so it should be best to eat good food, have safe sex, and to keep your house clean.

Rooster Horoscope

The perfectionist Rooster will find themselves out of place during the Pig season. Their overly critical attitude will not be appreciated by people who would like to relax a bit. However, they can still get success in their jobs if they can replace excessive criticism with a bit of encouragement. If you coincide your attitude with the generosity of Pig year, then you can develop strong relationships with colleagues. Roosters will be prone to accidents during this season, so be careful when you are increasing your pace.

Dog Horoscope

The Dog loves to work hard but the carefree Pig Year will force them to relax a bit. They will enjoy the little things in life and find new joy in it. You can start going for new endeavors regarding your career but trust your instincts when you do so. It will guide you better. Dogs can get a bit anxious so meditation will help.

Pig Horoscope

Pigs will tend to give too much space to other people during this year. This can result in unwanted confrontations in office, but then, it will only help you shine more. If you are diplomatic, you can get a promotion or a raise. Your education will help you professionally. The Pig year will be a healthy year for you as you keep your optimism levels high.

On the whole, the Pig year is bringing promise and health to all the people. So live life to the fullest, keep your optimism high, and make sure that nothing can put you down.

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