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Four Pieces Of Advice To Follow If You Want To Call Angels Into Your Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Angels can come in several different forms. They can vary from winged guardians, helpful neighbors, mysterious stranger or even benevolent animals to protectors and angelic guides. An angel will come to you through your dreams, or in person, or through some music too.

Bringing the angels in our life.

An angelic being will always find its way of appearing when it is needed the most. Can we recognize it? An angelic being can often intercede on our behalf, and appear during some stages in our life or also surround us in forms such as statues, candles of wall hangings in our home.

In order to notice that they support us, we have to be more aware that they are present in our lives at certain points. When we learn how we can work with an angel, we will be able to link ourselves with the source of energy and light which is inexhaustible.

This is a practice which may include healing effects in the life of someone. With the use of a process of attunement, we can all have access to energy.

Here are several suggestions in order to bring angels into our lives: We have to raise our awareness too:

1. Live in the moment.

We usually find ourselves doing something physically, but we are somewhere else with our mind already. Our mind is three steps away of us, and it thinks about what we are going to say in our next meeting, or what we are going to do after we finished our work and what is there for dinner.

It entirely ignores the present instance; it misses it. A lot of people will not undertake their thoughts in consciousness. Instead, their thoughts will control them.

According to one biomedical scientist, learning how to rest in stillness, which is – to stop ourselves from doing and then focus on our presence in the present. We have to live in the present moment more.

Living in it, which is called mindfulness too, is the state of open, active and intentional attention which is centered on our present. We can raise awareness if we raise our vibration.

2. Practicing mindfulness.

When we are practicing mindfulness, it is going to reduce stress and chronic pain or boost the functioning of the immunity. It can also lower our blood pressure or help us cope with a disease.

When the levels of stress are lower, or when we spend a couple of minutes during the day paying more attention to living in this present moment, our risk of disease will be reduced.

Resonance is the vibrational medicine that validates that every single thing in our Universe is actually vibrating and also that the frequency at which a person or an object most vibrates.

Energy medicines are based on the belief that every disease or illness is often characterized by some blockages present in level’s channels. When an obstruction exists, the organ which is in question will stop vibrating at the healthy frequency, resulting in some disease or illness. 

3. Don’t get distracted.

This can refer to our home or our office which is cluttered with some debris or a body which we treat more like garbage, or when our mind gets bombarded with particular toxic thoughts and beliefs and even poisonous people who will not do anything else but poison us throughout our life.

We should de-clutter our life, from our surroundings to our thoughts. When one mind is full of clarity, it will be free to perform its functions in the best possible way. We should also clear those channels within us and create a better and healthier version of ourselves.

We have to remove blockages from our life in order to move throughout it more freely. We should discard our old beliefs because a well-serving belief system is the one in a deserving, unlimited abundance, and humble nature, which will help the common good.

There will be times when it will be necessary to redefine our own values or reinvent our own belief system, so we will have the ability to accomplish the more fulfilling life which we desire. So, living the present moment will help us notice the angels’ presence.

4. Remove the walls and barricades.

When an angel makes himself or herself known, we will have a better ability to actually be present or at our greatest when it comes to seeing angels. Our ability to also be more open-minded is going to manifest.

Our insight or our consciousness of our surroundings is going to be more inviting and open, and our mind, together with its resources, is going to be mentally present and available to accept and honor our angels with humility and grace.

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