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How To Make Friends With The Minor Arcana

by consciousreminder
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by Mary Aragon,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Tarot tells the story of life every time it is questioned. Even If you’re newly introduced to the Tarot, you already know how new learning experience can feel overwhelming. If you feel like the task of becoming fluent in the Language of the Tarot is daunting, you are absolutely not alone! Learning the intricate meaning of all 78 cards, complete with upright, reversed as well as personal interpretations, is no easy process.

Fear not, you can do it! Here are some clear tips for breaking your learning process into digestible portions of wisdom.

Why are the Minor Arcana important, anyway?

You can work with the Major Arcana alone. There are great Tarot Readers who chose to work in this way for various reasons. There is no right or wrong way to work with this amazing tool. However, the Tarot does follow a timeless logic and leaving out any part may narrow your horizon.

The Major Arcana represent experiences and lessons essential to the entire human experience. Because they reach so far and deep into the Collective Soul, they are awe-inspiring, fascinating and powerful. Similar to a deep-sea creature, the Major Arcana will thrive and bring light to the deepest corners of the psyche. But, when brought to the sunny surface of our consciousness, it will prove unable to maintain its original function. So, where the Major Arcana fail to deal with our down to earth concerns, the Minor Arcana do a fantastic job at bringing a more concrete dimension to our understanding.

How To Make Sense of the Minor Arcana

Looking at all these cards and their meanings, waiting to be learned and integrated may feel intimidating. Luckily, the Tarot is an absolutely clear and logical system as well as a fantastic teacher. So, put your intuitive brain on hold for now, as these tips are very logical.

Understand the Meaning of Number Four

There are four elements in Nature, four Cardinal Points, Four Seasons and Four Directions. Four is the number of Universal Order. It is enough to have these 4 coordinates in order to create something on a stable structure. You don’t need to be a numerology expert to understand all of this. You only need to look around you and observe.

The Four Elements in the Suits

Just like the seasons, the four suits of the Tarot show a permanent motion of rotation. It is enough to contemplate the associations you find in this constant movement in four steps. The new layer of learning added is that of synchronicity. In other words, you aren’t simply learning about the Suit of Pentacles that represents physical Spring. You are learning that is also represents an internal state of being that has certain qualities.

About the Author: Mary Aragon is the tarologist and astrologist behind AbcTarot. Her mission is to make tarot and astrology understandable for everyone as a tool for reflecting on and understanding our lives.

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