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How Past Life Regression Can Support Your 2017

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Lisa was interested in training as an energy healer but was hesitating because she didn’t understand how energy worked, and prospective teachers weren’t satisfying her. She also wanted to have a past life regression session, so when she sat down to do that with me and we talked options, I suggested she might want to focus on a past life that directly connected to a current passion.

“Oh,” she said. “I’d like to know what I knew about energy.”

With that focus, I used hypnotherapy and intuitive insight to help her tap the lifetime where she was an expert in energy healing and could learn the most about it. That turned out to be a lifetime about 300 years ago when she was a happy, fulfilled mother who used dance to weave energy through her community to support a contented, connected village life.

The bonus? Lisa actually talked with this woman, who wanted at all surprised about chatting with herself (and me) three hundred years in the future but readily explained and demonstrated energy techniques. Lisa went off to explore energy healing in more depth with the knowledge she gained from the most adept teacher she’d met—herself in an earlier incarnation.

This is one example of the personal power you can tap in a session with a certified past life regression specialist.

While most people usually think of using past life regression services to resolve traumas, fears, and phobias, a skillful session can support your personal and professional lives in many other ways, as Lisa’s case shows. That’s why I often encourage people to consider including a session as part of their new year planning.

Why? Because in every lifetime our principle job is to grow our soul. Sadly, we don’t always think about that in our hectic daily lives, so we risk losing out on the knowledge buried deep inside our subconscious mind that can help us live the best lives possible. That means we lose a personal and competitive edge, which could mean we fail to accomplish our goals, suffer boredom and distraction, feel unfulfilled, or waste time almost literally “reinventing the wheel.” And, as Lisa’s case so aptly demonstrates, we miss out on taking advantage of the information we didn’t know we already had, the knowledge and skills mastered in previous lives.

Competition and Planning: from Practicalities to Inspiration

Human life has always been competitive: resources are limited, and throughout history we’ve banded together to survive, combining skills from husbandry to farming, carpentry, textiles—everything it takes to create a functioning community. These days those of us in “first world” countries take basic survival for granted, but we still have that age-old need to grow and achieve, to be both curious and content. That’s the drive that leads us to train for jobs and piques curiosity, something that, for Lisa, was rooted in a previous life, and tapped to enrich her current one.

Many of us look at a new calendar year as a time to plan what we’re going to do next, including vacations, education, exploration, career advancement, even retirement. We are necessarily analytical, but we should also spend time on “what if’s,” from how to achieve a personal dream to choosing a satisfying life.

We can tap those interests and grow our skills through workshops, courses, books, all kinds of training. We can also use meditation and protocols like past life regression, which you can explore through self-guided DVDs or recordings as well as with a certified professional.

Remember, past life regression isn’t just something to help you master physical or emotional issues that persist despite the use of other therapies, including psychological or wellness counseling. As Lisa’s case demonstrates, it’s also a healthy, positive way to tap your soul’s knowledge to explore and solve issues and to gain insight on new, potentially fruitful directions, including where you can go as you plan a new year.

To explore a past life you need a healthy curiosity and a goal or interest. Whether what you turn up in a session is a past life or simply a metaphor, you are tapping deep information from your subconscious mind, that extraordinarily knowledgeable, uniquely personal asset that knows the most about us and has the most to share.

Exploring what comes up in a session can certainly help heal physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that have been holding us back from writing that book, taking that workshop, changing an unhealthy habit, or simply from fully participating in the one life your soul is experiencing right now—yours! We take mind, body, and spirit connection to a level once reserved for our spiritual elders when we stop to examine what we knew in a previous life and what it can mean to this one, both personally and professionally.

What happens when people add past life regression to their yearly planning? Like Lisa, they may find clues to a potential new career, or an interest that can add depth and satisfaction to their current lives. Like another client, Sally, it can lead to rejecting a lifelong feared health issue and experiencing renewed energy and optimism without the burden and distraction of worry. As people discover the triumphs and obstacles their souls faced in previous lifetimes they shed light on how to continue their personal growth, which benefits them at home, and at work.

So when you’re sitting down to dream of possibilities for the new year, to map out marketing options for your business, to think about what it is you want to do next and how you’ll do it, think about incorporating a past life regression session into your planning. It’s an opportunity to let your soul chime in with information it has, and for you to soar into the future transformed, balanced, and clear on your goals. That’s what planning is all about—and how spectacular growth begins.

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Mary February 11, 2017 - 10:33 am

I wanted to know what she found going into her past life!! ugh left me hanging and then disappointed


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