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This Is Why The Position Of Mars On V-Day Will Affect All The Signs Of The Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

Valentine’s week is upon us and in four days, love will truly infect the air. When it comes to astrology, it is very easy to go straight to Venus when it comes to love.

But love always has a more sinister, more devilish side to it, which is ruled by Venus’ mythological lover, Mars, the god of war. Mars imports passion into every relationship which affects romance and sex in its own way.

So, it should be no surprise that Mars’ position this V-day will have profound effects on all of the signs. It has intense effects on carnal desires, sex drives, libido, passion, and of course conflict and hot-temperedness.

Through the start of 2019, Mars has been playing on his home-ground, the constellation of Aries, which stands for conflict, war, action, etc.

But right on V-day, Mars will be moving into his lover’s quarters, the constellation of Taurus, ruled by Venus.

Taurus symbolises materialism and connection to the Earth. Taurian individuals are grounded and very practical in their approach towards life.

So where Mars in Aries went for all guns, blazing energy and motivation, things in Taurus will be slower. But, however, they will be in sync with thoughts on the bigger picture. In a way, Aries was the spark while Taurus will be the flame.

Mars-Aries will be the most dramatic of things when it comes to relationships. Tiffs will be common as both planet and sign stand for anger and resultant action.

On the 13th, Mars will be in a hard aspect to Uranus, planet of changes and shifts. We might see some hard-core drama in our relationships the day before V-day.

This will be the best time to absolutely calm down, take a walk, and come solve things before going to bed for couples.

After that, the transition will affect all signs; here’s how:


After all the month-and-a-half-long drama wild-ride, you will find a more practical relationship post V-day. This will include you finally getting the acknowledgment and love you truly deserve, thanks to the labours of love you put into it.


Thanks to the passion Mars brings into the game, you will finally take the leap you always wanted. This can translate into either confidently asking someone you like on a date or taking that big, splurgy vacation you always dreamed of with someone you love. Your confidence will profit you monetarily to, so indulge in the pool of success while it lasts. Whatever it is, this will be out of your comfort zone of saving for the future.


The astrological happenings would pre-dictate laidback introspection on your plate. This can necessarily mean a good thing because when it comes to relationships, introspection is of the essence as revaluations are always required in order to stay at the top of things.


The effect on you would be similar to the effect on Taurus. Mars will bring you out of your box of comfort-zone and make you try things you normally don’t. That will include kinky things in bed and indulging a bit on dates.


Being in love with brands and luxuries is your forte in the first place, so partners to Leo individuals are going to be in for quite the treat this V-day. You are basking in the glory of success in work life and getting everyone’s attention. Project that confidence onto your relationship this V-day too.


Thanks to Mars in Taurus, you will be aroused intellectually. It can lead to things like taking a trip somewhere you have never heard of before with someone you love. This can also simply mean discussions that stimulate you.


Librans are already quite indulgent when it comes to relationships and their loved ones. So, fair warning: hold your horses of over-indulgence. Make sure to stay in your lane and still celebrate V-day in the sickly romantic way you are known for.


Mars can make you fiery, so keep your judgements at bay and simply listen to what the other person has to say before you go on to impale them with your dirty looks and words. This might be a mellow, vanilla Valentine for you, so have fun and take it easy.


This V-day holds all the trappings of prosperity for you. While your career and work might seem paramount to you and your happiness, it is high time you look up from your screen up at the person whom you love and take a breather.


This won’t be a year where playing safe would be the way to go, something you have been doing all your life. Instead, seek out new things to do. This is also going to be true for single individuals, because things look ripe for meeting someone new and exciting.


Unlike your fickle and fluid nature, your aim this V-day should be spending as much time as possible at home, with family and loved ones. This year is all about breaking habits and it is only fit that you do your part too.


Habits, like keeping to yourself and sticking to things like hard opinions, can change, thanks to the pot-luck of exothermic energies. Use it to spice up not only your relationships but also to enrich your worldview.

So have fun, get out of your cocoon and surprise yourself. Live the young life that suits you.

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