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Today’s Full Moon In Pisces Is Bringing Some Cosmic Courage To Your Zodiac

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by Conscious Reminder

September is already turning out to be a long month and we are just halfway into it. September 14th will bring up the Full Moon at 12:33 am.

It’s going to happen in Pisces, but all the Planets are currently staying focused on Virgo. So, it’s time to get some things ready as you move to the New Moon.

Here is how the Full Moon will affect the zodiac signs:


You are turning into an antenna and receiving all the signals from the cosmos. It’s time to meditate and note down all the dreams that you have. The Full Moon will be magical for you and so, accept it.


The social life is going to be busy. Full Moons are times when you need to work on your social side and start getting rid of things that are not serving any purpose. So, hug your BFFs tightly and get rid of toxic people.


Your job is going to rule your life. The planet Mercury ruling over your sign is going to push your career forward. Salary hikes, promotions, and new opportunities – everything is coming your way.


It’s time to come out of your shell and look at the world around you. Let your intuition take you to new places. Go for deep conversations, life-changing books and a spiritual journey. Get your life going forward.


Your mystery and sex appeal are going to reach new heights during this full moon. It’s time to bring some of that sex appeal to the bed. Get yourself into a lingerie and make the time between the sheets worth it.


Many planets are crowding around you and so, you might feel fully charged and quite overwhelmed. The Moon will be in your relationship house and so, you need to split your time between couple-time and solo-time.


You want to rescue the earth from sure doom but then, you have to take care of yourself first. Self-care is your key now. Try to kill the habits that hurt you more than it helps you.


Creativity will set the theme during this Full Moon period. The Full Moon is ready to make you start writing in your journal or open your laptop to let the creative energy flow.


The Full Moon vibes are going to interact with your house and family. Be Marie Kondo at this moment. Let go of toxic people and feels and start catching up with people who are actually like family.


Communications is going to explode during this Full Moon period. You will start dropping some wise-bombs straight from your heart and people will flock around you trying to take away something from your wisdom.


Self-esteem is the focus of this Full Moon. So, start putting your worth forward before anything else. Start saying ‘I am worth it’. Boost your income so that your bank account looks mesmerizing too.


The Full Moon is in you so, start feeling the magical vibes all around you. Talk about how awesome you are and embrace every bit of you, scars, flaws, and perfection together. Don’t let any negative thought come to you during this magical time.

The Full Moon in Pisces is going to be a great one. So, get ready, folks, for a magical ride!

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