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Powerful Full Supermoon In Virgo: Practical Thinking Will Keep You Moving Forward

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by Conscious Reminder

The brightest and biggest Super Moon of this year called the Snow Moon which is falling in the sign of Virgo, is going to happen in the morning on 19th February.

The Full Moon of February is the second one of the series of three Full Moon Supermoons, happening on the 21st of January, 19th of February and 21st of March, 2019.

The three of them are about 362,000 km distant, measured somewhere from the Moon and Earth’s centers. Contrary to this, the furthest Full Moon of the year, on the 14th of September, is going to reside at 406,248 km distance.

These three Full Moons in January, now February, and the next one, in March, are seen as Supermoons as they are relatively near to the planet Earth.

The second one of this cycle, happening on the 19th of February, is said to be the most ‘super’ one of all the three because its distance is 356,846 km from the planet.

Full Moons usually make you release and purge things from your life, so you have to ensure that you control everything during this event. Sometimes, you can release the things which you will regret later, because of heightened emotions.

This month is going to bring the intense Supermoon, called Snow Moon, peaking in Virgo, which is a sign of hard work, self-sacrifice, and harvest. You will probably feel extra tricky on yourself and even take on the bigger amount of guilt and blame than you deserve in the conflicts which will arise.

In order to make the things more complicated than before, the planets Neptune and Mercury are going to meet with one another opposing the Full Moon, and suggesting that you can be susceptible when it comes to magical thinking or deception.

You can take additional care and listen carefully to what your gut says even when it is something you are not willing to hear.

The planet Mars, which is the one of action, is going to help you with your attempts to remain grounded.

When there are two choices, and you are not sure which to choose, the Full Snow Moon is going to push you to a more practical choice. It will probably not look dazzling; however, it will be the single true path forward.

Also, the Sun’s bright light is going to throw the spotlight on your shadow and subconscious. Sometimes, this may feel uncomfortable and unpleasant because the Sun will blast out all the demons that don’t have where to hide anymore.

Usually, Full Moons are times when you reap what you sowed during New Moons, sometimes for good, while sometimes for ill.

During Full Moons, the veils which are between different worlds become the thinnest, so you have to be really careful about what you are inviting in.

Full Moons are best utilized to remove things out or make bad habits or entities to return to the Underworld, as they came from there too. Remember to close your door firmly after that.

The feeling of security you have is now going to be related to clarity and order, or even emotions. You can also feel the necessity to organize everything that is disorganized and chaotic.

You can practice more tolerance and accept the imperfections your life has. It would be better to believe in your life and let it move on its way, as nothing has to follow your expectations.

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