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Powerful New Moon In Leo 23 July 2017 – Letting Go Of Pain & Suffering

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To live the dream, you have to stop dreaming!

The cosmos seems to stimulate us to regain the joy of living and to recognize and express ourselves and our creativity and passions, first acknowledging that we are ourselves are a divine creation and therefore we must live life with joy and not pain.

But to live life with joy, we must first recognize who we really are, and consequently who we are not.

A really interesting, hot and vibrant New Moon on July 23!

In fact, the Moon will not only join the Sun, but also Mars, and all three celestial bodies will shine up in the sky sparkling new energy, inviting us to do likewise.

The Sun will enter the sign of the Lion only one day before, June 22 at 5:16 AM, and will be at 0 ° 44 ‘of the sign at the exact moment when it merges with the Moon.

Mars entered on July 20 at 14:20, being at 1 ° 52 ‘while the Moon will enter the sign a little more than two days later, before joining the Sun at 11:46 on July 23rd.

New energy that passes from fire to water.

If in the last lunacy we were forced to express ourselves very emotionally, now we are encouraged to express ourselves creatively, to see the game of life, and to recognize us as actors in this beautiful divine work.

We are pushed and encouraged to create, and to be co-creators of our reality, and to recognize beauty and perfection everywhere, even when there is suffering and pain around us.

And it is in the moment when the act gets hard!

When we are co-creators of this life and actors of this odyssey we are catapulted into unpleasant experiences that create suffering, so it is precisely in those moments that we must not forget who we really are, otherwise we lose sight of our true essence by identifying us so much With that role to completely lose connection with the source that guides us forever since forever.

We begin to go a bit more into detail starting from the Southern Lunar Knot, which is in the Lion’s house, in its opposite sign. In the sign of the revolutionary par excellence, the sign of Aquarius.

Uranus, whose governor planet is in Aries at seventh house, points out that the revolutionary wants to stand out from the others to pursue his desires and claim his unique nature.

An Uranus squared by this powerful constellation of fire, comes into play with two different vibrations.

The first linked to the past and in contrast to the authority that makes us rebel, and the second linked to the present that drives toward the claiming of dignity and joy of living.

Let’s analyze karmic vibration.

During the lives and reincarnations, we have repeatedly seen ourselves being attacked or judged, moving from the victim’s role to that of the executioner.

Each of us carries unconscious wounds that still have an influence on the present life. Therefore, if we have been attacked in a previous life, we tend to defend ourselves in our present life, or if we have been victims, we continue to re-create a condition where we can be victims, and therefore we attack ourselves alone.

But to understand the individual karmic role, we need to analyze the birthplace theme.

Here I refer more to collective level. To the injustices suffered and perpetuated to the humanity that created the rebellious man, or the man under the charge.

A series of reincarnations that have led us to into convincing ourselves to be one in the fight against each other, illuding us that we are in this fight for ourselves only.

I fight for my dreams, fight to claim my uniqueness, fight to demonstrate the world my value, fight to regain my rights, fight to survive and so on. I fight … so I’m probably struggling with it.

But who do I actually fight?

Only against myself! Only against my mind telling me that to get it I have to do, I have to claim, I have to prove, I have to conquer. When would be enough for me to abandon every inner struggle and rediscover who I really am.

I fight to free me from my childhood and my mental conditioning.

I fight to regain love for myself

I believe that each one of us wants peace, and we want it before leaving this world. Peace that is lasting, eternal and stable, how do we get it?

By being Peace! Because peace does not conquer! We cannot win something that we already have!

So be the peace you want to have!

The Planets

Jupiter shines in its house first in the Libra sign, inviting us to maintain a balance, to be harmony rather than trying to keep it!

It is in Trine to Venus (the lady of this lunacy) who carelessly shines in the sign of the Gemini in the ninth house, stimulating us to live life as if it were a carefree journey.

Saturn lies in the Sagittarius sign and challenges us to regain confidence in something larger, changing our mental perceptions (shines in the third home, Mercury’s home) and consequently forms a trigon with Mercury shining in the eleventh house.

Pluto squares Jupiter from the fourth home, the Soul’s dwelling, stimulating through a tension to free and recognize our wounds that are always and still tied to a mind that keeps us anchored to a past and projected in the future.

To establish our potential and fill a void, we must reconnect with something bigger than us, only then will we really feel complete and stable whatever happens.

Empty is actually just a disconnection with everything!

In short:

Do you want to be Peace?

Fill this gap by recognizing who you are and what you are not and you will discover that it is only the mind that makes you feel the void.

Change your mental attitude (Saturn) and then show the world how you did it (Mercury), how can you be so focused and have an open heart  (Leo) despite all that happens in your life!

How do you do it?

First you have to trust, and if you trust leaving any control, you have to change your attitude.

Life really is a journey! And it could be an exciting journey if we just abandon the struggle and the conviction of being alone and separated from the whole.

Spiritualize Matter thanks to Neptune in the sixth, allowing the Spirit to manifest itself in everyday life, here and now, be in constant connection with your Spirit, and you will truly feel that eternal presence that guides you at every moment.

The Spiritual Warrior in the Sign of the Lion (Mars) is here to encourage you to recognize that you have a role, it is here to help you recognize that you are a divine creation.

Unfortunately, when the mind convinces us that we still have to struggle, conquer, do, and on our own, we feel lost, unsupported and abandoned by the people who have left us.

When the people who have left us are more present than ever and allow us to feel a little closer to the Spirit, if we only look for them in the right place rather than focus on physical absence. They live in the space in which we walk, live in the air we breathe, are united to us more than ever.

So why don’t we hear them? Because we are identified with the mind and the ego that feels separated from the whole, which is still tied to the struggles of the past (by habit), living life struggling to conquer a better life, or a dream left in disrepair without realizing To fight against herself. Be your passion, do not wait for it to be granted!

Recognize to be a divine creation, Soul! Recognize that you cannot be separated from the whole, since you are the one that surrounds you!

You are the person against whom your mind struggles, but you are not the injustice you hear, you are total blunder and you are Light and Love.

How can we succeed while suffering?

First of all, the mind is making us suffer because it continues to whisper that life should be as it says. Without any pain.

Then it judges everything. “The body should be perfect, you should do that and be the other one, to be happy you have to have a nice home or a nice job …, you should not lose anyone to not suffer,” etc. and so on.

We believe and identify with that thought, we suffer on the command without realizing it, as hypnotized. But suffering is part of the illusion of the mind and is so strong and difficult to live just because it is the very mind that makes it so real and unbearable.

Accept things as well as instead of rejecting what our mind tells us to be wrong, rather than rejecting what we do not like, would help us suffer much less.

We would like to invite anxiety to expand, and to know our sorrow and the emotions we reject and against whom we struggle, we might discover an immense blessing! And suffering would cease to exist or at least we would not perceive it in the same way!

Look at all your thoughts and keep this in mind: if a thought hurts, it means that it is not true!

Is the way your mind keeps you attached to a story, to ego, to illusion, to prevent you from feeling God within you at all times!

So take advantage of this new cycle to formulate a new intent that might be related to the awakening of the Soul and Joy that the Spirit can experience by experiencing a human embodying matter.

Once you find out who you are, your mission will be revealed, without you having to do something to find it. It’ll find you. But in the meantime you live all your dreams and wishes today! Not tomorrow. And for whatever reason it is not possible now, enjoy what you have at this time.

May you live your life fully! Savor the beauty of creation that constantly draws our attention if we are lost in the mind.

Enjoy the sun, enjoy the sea, enjoy the food and enjoy life feeling loved from everyone, because we are all part of a whole.

We are all part of a single source! And it is at the source that we must return to overcome the challenges of life. Find out what your passion is, live it and share it!

So recognize who you are!

Roar and make them hear you! Rejoice! You are life! You Are Love, You Are a Divine Creation! Listen to the call of the Spirit, join him and the source, show joy and love with pride and honor, just as this conjunction supported by Mars wants to do, Splendor you and shine with a new, sparkling and full life energy !

Awaken by the illusion, and live your dream!

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