6 Clear Signs You Have Had Past Lives And Been Reincarnated Many Times Before

by Conscious Reminder

Reincarnation means rebirth. In fact, reincarnation is defined as a belief that when people die, their souls continue on after their death, and start their new lives once again.

These people, together with their spirits, will, in the end, lead numerous new lives, but in entirely different bodies too. This is related to the life, death and rebirth cycle everywhere around them.

Every time when the soul of a person starts a new life, it evolves, becomes wiser, knowledgeable, more mature and even spiritually linked to our Universe. This means that people lived a lot of past lives, so they will keep on living a lot of future ones too.

When we notice that someone seems to be an old soul, it means that we recognize the energy which comes from his or her past life, and manifests in his or her present one.

A lot of people sometimes claim to know, sense, or feel their identities from their past lives in the lives they live now. They can even have some memories of events, people, or places that have been associated with the person they were. Others can be wise, despite their age.

No matter whether they can feel or sense the past of their soul or not, they are older than they would like to believe. A lot of people died and were then reborn hundreds or even thousands and more times.

Here, we are going to go through the six signs which indicated that we might be old souls:

1. Naturally gifted to foresee.

When we always appear to find ourselves knowing and sensing what is about to happen before it happens, our levels of foresight are sharp. A lot of people have some instinctual feelings, and they can be felt in dreams, physically, or another vision which will happen. This is the so-called precognition, which signifies that our soul matured and developed.

2. Relating to the way other people feel.

We will not only be affected by the feelings of others around us, but we can even take on some of those emotions. When a person is said to be empathetic, it means that he or she has a profound connection with our Universe. So, when we feel that we lived many different lives, it will become easier for us to plug into the energies of other people.

3. Having a powerfully precise sense of ourselves.

When we are aware of our minds, bodies, and soul and we are also evenly balanced, it means that we developed the profound sense of intuition over several lifetimes. When we have the ability to look in our inside and not only reach our consciousness but our subconscious as well, or what hides below, and it is not so evident, we may probably establish the connection of our soul with our real self successfully.

4. We feel attracted for a specific place, civilization or era.

When a specific time period or culture attracts us, and we don’t know why it is like that, it means that our past life affects our current one. A lot of people think that when they have an unexplainable attraction and feel like they are connected to places, times, cultures, environments and societies, there is something which remains with their soul from the past life they lived.

5. We have repeating dreams.

The recurring or repeating dreams were said to be a sign of recollection of memories that come from past lives. Usually, they look realistic, extraordinarily vivid and even odd in all the respects. They will stick in our mind after we wake up and we can see or even receive small details from those dreams in the eye of our mind, even a few years later. That will happen because those dreams were probably our reality and we lived some of them in our past life too.

6. Recurring déjà vu.

The feeling that we get when we sense that we have experienced or seen something we are in the middle of doing right before it becomes strange. We cannot control or avoid déjà vu. It will always appear all of a sudden, and so we will never get ourselves ready or even expect it. Also, it is said that it is related to experiences from our past life. 

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