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“Let’s Play Together”: A Child’s Code For “I Need Help”

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by Conscious Reminder

This doesn’t follow through for all kids, yet many of them do practice this. There might be some kids that will come up to you and tell you things that happened to them throughout the entire day, but not all do.

There is definitely a sector of the children population who don’t talk, who don’t bring it out but rather bottle it inside them.

As a parent, one probably understands most emotions their child goes through. There has been this quote circulating the internet that talks about how children would ask you to play with them, rather than outright talk to them.

And this is common to most. So when the next time your kid asks you to play with you, remember there might be more to it than meets the eye.

While they may not express in so many words initially, when they get your individual attention, they will show signs. You have to pay attention to catch up on their signs.

Unusually quiet, holding their favorite toy way too tight, keeping eyes low, drooping shoulder, or anything out of the ordinary. That’s your cue to ask them about their day.

Someone may have hurt them physically or emotionally. They may have done something they’re not proud of. Something new could be troubling them. Take the initiative and ask.

Since kids have a habit of taking everything in their own stride, even if it means getting depressed about it.

They don’t tell anyone what they are going through until they might actually ask you to play. Even then, they won’t forthrightly tell you what’s wrong- you have to catch on their feelings and energies.

You need to keep something in mind- they are kids. So, instead of interrogating them about something, simply be their friend. Spend time with them, make them laugh, have fun.

For, even if they don’t tell you what their problem is, they will identify you as the person who would always be by their side. Trust is what they need. When they know you can be relied upon, the chances of expressing themselves freely increases.

Spending time with your kids is necessary, for not only does this enable them to get a solid upbringing, but also they turn out decent.

Your mutual relationship too strengthens when you spend time together and genuinely take interest in their daily activities. And, they now know, that they can trust you.

So, why don’t you go ahead and start playing catch with your kid?

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