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8/8 Lions Gate 2019 Portal Activation: Earth/Sirius Alignment That Will Supercharge You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The 8th day of the month of August usually brings forth an alignment in the cosmos which is known as the ‘Lions Gateway’.

This event is characterized by a heavy flow of cosmic energy to and fro the spiritual and physical realms.

The energy would open up between 26th July and 12th August, with it reaching the peak on 8th August 2019.

This important cosmic event has had mentions in history, especially ancient Egypt. It has been honored and celebrated for millennia as a period of heavy energy activation and transmission.

This is kickstarted by an Earth-Sirius alignment. With Sirius rising in the heavens, the Pyramid of Giza tries to realign with the Orions Belt and it looks as if the North Star actually came closer to our Earth.

Since it is associated with Leo and occurs in it, it has been named the Lions Gate. Leo, as one of the zodiac signs, is mostly concerned with the center of the heart and symbolizes the individual representation of the higher spiritual realms.

Leo provides us with the optimum energy wherein we can harness the ascension secrets along with the higher consciousness energies.

This is done through the use of Sirius and the Sun. This alignment results in a high-intensity light surge, which helps in awakening the DNA, which also ensures human energy field activation.

Sirius also brings forth several light codes for ascension, evolution, and mastery. This helps in the alignment of another activation level and brings opportunity to progress when on the path to ascension.

To be simple, the Lions Gate is all for fully awakening one’s Divine light while also representing the very Divinity in a physical form.

And since this happens in Leo, you would also be feeling the effects of Leo. Since it represents royalty, you might come across the alignment which could be the royal code awakening, leading to a higher living for all.

This year, as luck would have it, everything is supercharged. So, this gateway would couple that with its already accelerated pace of ascension.

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