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These 9 Feng Shui Tips Will Help You Keep The Positive Energy Flowing Into Your Home

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by Conscious Reminder

If you ever thought about how to clean your house, not just to have an orderly and spotless environment, but to also have good energy, you can continue reading and see how you can cleanse the home with the use of Feng Shui.

The ancient technique Feng Shui was defined as a form of Chinese art, which teaches us how we can better balance the flow of energies in our environment.

Here are the nine tips for cleansing your home with the use of Feng Shui:

Water care

For Feng Shui, bathrooms are really important for balancing the energy, as they are the environment in every house where people wash their bodies in order to cut impurities.

Moreover, it has been connected with water, which is the element seen as the symbol of prosperity. The water in your home has to circulate well, for wellbeing and wealth to also have a proper flow in your life.

The flow of energies will have some difficulties if there is something wrong with the water system in your home. Another thing you have to remember is to close the door of your bathroom, particularly if it is next to the living or dining room, entrance door or kitchen.


When you have an aquarium in your home, it means that you have a significant element of Feng Shut, and that is water. This water is different from that one which comes from tapes or water showers in pools, fountains, and aquariums.

Aquariums were fashionable in houses in the past, without any particular reason. Various practices and clinics had aquariums in their receptions. They will not just embellish your environment but calm your energies, harmony, and placidness.

Keep every single thing running

According to the Feng Shui rules, when you don’t use something, it will accumulate stationary and stagnant energy.

So, you should release yourself of unused or broken objects and constantly maintain your appliances and equipment. You can even repair intercoms and buzzers and replace bulbs which are burned out.


You should always have your belongings in your closets arranged, and remember to donate clothes which you don’t wear anymore. Leave the paperwork in your office in order, or remove some books which are not going to be useful anymore.

Do these things in your kitchen too, which means keep just valuable utensils. So, energy is going to flow more adequately.


According to Feng Shui, it is essential to keep windows and doors in your home open so that the air can circulate.

When your environment is continuously closed, the same energy will stay too, and that will cause some imbalances in a few areas of your life. You should do this on a daily basis, for about an hour during the morning, and one hour during the afternoon.


You should always keep your mirrors clean. If they are not, they are able to attract much more energy.

You should also avoid hanging two or more mirrors on opposite walls, because, according to Feng Shui’s rules, this duplicate image may attract instability in your life.

Special products for cleaning

One unique product which you may use in order to clean the home energetically or dissipate negative energies would be the liquid called Blue Anil, which is mixed in water.

You can use this liquid for cleaning the door stops and floor and do this the first week of every month.


In order to have the energy in your home balanced adequately, you can by or plant yourself a lot of plants, and put them in your home for the decorative purpose.

Also, you always have to take good care of them too, in order to attract some good energy.


The fireplace is not just a decorative object or something which will help you in keeping your house warm in winter.

When lighting it, you are going to activate the fire element. Remember that fire is really important for Feng Shui, as it purifies energies and brings prosperity too.

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