Chiron In Aries: The Rise Of The Wounded Healer

by Conscious Reminder

On February 18th, 2019, Chiron will be visiting Aries. If you are interested in Greek mythology, then you must be aware of the ironic character, Chiron. Chiron was a teacher and a philosopher, and above all that, he was a healer.

But what is most ironic about him is that he could not really heal himself. As a natural result of this, the placement of Chiron in the natal charts or in the transits show a deep wound that is a core in us and will take a lot of work to heal. Yes, this news can be stressful but don’t worry too much.

Chiron also brings a lot of promise. Pain helps us to gain a lot more wisdom. As we try to come in terms with this pain, we will become wiser and convey this wisdom to others. We can take up the role of a mentor. As we try to do so, we might also unlock different powers hidden deep within us. That’s why Chiron resembles a key – it means a portal which leads to inner peace.

A Slow Journey

Chiron is a bit slow regarding its motion and can take about eight years to finally depart from a zodiac sign. However, it can also zip past a sign in two years as well. It completely depends on Chiron.

In general, it takes about 49 years for Chiron to go through all the zodiac signs. So, by the age of 50, you will experience a ‘Chiron return’ where your old wounds will start coming up again, and you will be in for another cosmic therapy, if you have not already addressed your issues yet.

Chiron Makes You One With Your Inner Self

Chiron in Aries does not want you to become narcissistic. Rather, it wants you to look at the upcoming 9 years as a wonderful opportunity to be one with yourself and the personality that you are. You and your inner voices make up who you are, but not all voices are nice.

If you compare yourself with an orchestra, then some musicians are just tone-deaf and create a bad tune. Do you want to keep them? Let go of them and let the rest of the musicians take up the orchestra to a whole new level. Accept yourself and the world will accept you.

An Identity Crisis

Quite ironically, Chiron is going through a personal identity crisis. He was considered to be an asteroid once upon a time, but now, it has become a Centaur, that is a class of bodies which orbit the Kuiper belt and the asteroid belt.

On top of that, it has received the ‘minor plant’ status too as well as being dubbed as a comet. Well, he might have identity shifts as of now, but that does not mean that its effect will be any less. It would actually be quite important during this time.

Thinking About Others

The West has always been about individualism rather than collectivism. And that has now brought us to a state where the planet is almost dying and we cannot do much about it. The polar caps are melting and the ocean is getting polluted. Aries is very individualistic and it relies on the concept of ‘mine’.

However, Chiron in Aries will go for innovation rather than overconsumption. So, it is possible that rather than providing merchandize through the traditional way, innovative retailers will now allow customers to customize their own products, maybe through the use of 3D printers, which is becoming quite popular in Japan.

If you are someone who likes to escape reality, then you should stop right now. Escapism is for the times when Chiron is in Pisces or Aquarius. In Aries, reality will hit us hard. So, rather than going into a fantasy, try to engage in vicarious pleasures – maybe through live videos, open-mic nights or YouTube vlogs. You can go to Escape Rooms too, if you want.

Healing The Wounds Of Violence

However, Chiron can also get a bit violent as well. It is passing through the field of the aggressive warrior, Ram, and this will pump in a lot of adrenaline and bring your fight and flight senses up.

This is the field that has resulted in wars, bombing and other violence. We have had enough of it, and so, Chiron in Aries tries to heal this ‘wounded masculinity’ that has caused so much blood to shed.

On the flip side, Chiron in Aries is also going to bring a bit of fear among us, generally, when it is related to conflicts. This will result in entering self-destructive tendencies. We may get a bit violent when we are fighting for our rights, but sometimes, domination, power-mongering and violence is not the way.

Shouldn’t you ask whether there is a better way to go about it?

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