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What The 2022 June New Moon Has In Store For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

The temperatures are on the rise, however, the scorching sun is nowhere near close enough to our feelings during this new moon.

The swelling in emotions is mostly due to Cancer Season. As such, we will feel its full might when Cancer energy hits its peak on June 28th as the New Moon rises.

Read on to find out what effect the new moon will have if you are in this zodiac:


During this lunation, a new beginning is on offer when it comes to personal life. So spend time reconnecting with your heart’s desires. Try to make peace or renew relationships that ended on a bad note. You have the ability to reshape the stories into strong emotional foundations.


The June New Moon will encourage you to speak out from a deeper emotionally resonating place. Use the sensitivity boost to spark more insightful conversations in everyday life. Also, express your feelings more openly.


It’s time to snap out of your imagination and live in the present. The focus for this lunation is connecting with life’s tangible moments – sensual delights, bank account numbers, and material resources. Be a bit luxurious and see how much more satisfactory and enjoyable life becomes.


The June New Moon filled with emotions is going to be the perfect opportunity to spend some well-deserved time exclusively for yourself. Clear whatever responsibility you have toward others and allow yourself a bit of selfishness. This is the time to begin building toward your heart’s burning goals.


Get ready to feel lost and foggy since you will be under a dream spell during this lunation. Postpone social events as well as work responsibilities if you can enjoy some restful solitude instead. Spend this time recharging your heart’s batteries.


Your orientation toward helping others will get a boost during the June New Moon. The collective is calling upon you to be a leader and lend the community some of the emotional energy you have. This is when you should use your skills and make an impactful difference.


As important as the balance is for you, the upcoming lunation will ask you to focus purely on your work for now. An inspirational spark is igniting your power to take on new projects and set new career goals. Listen to your intuition.


This New Moon is going to be extra emotional for you since you are a water sign too. At the moment, the entire emotional spectrum is being received by you as you try to be more compassionate. Work on accepting a wider perspective range and a softer stance on philosophical beliefs.


Get ready to dig deep. The lunation is going to open up your third eye wide and ask you to assess your most intimate desires, thoughts, and feelings. This state of vulnerability can feel uncomfortable. However, confronting your inner demons and truth will provide you with unparalleled emotional freedom.


The June New Moon will be a great chance to get some well-deserved relationship healing work done. However, this will need emotional vulnerability and openness. Try to put yourself out in the world more.


You are not usually too emotional, however, during this lunation, immerse yourself in your feelings as it might give you a productivity boost. Consciously try to connect with yourself more via yoga classes, journaling, etc.


You might be feeling a bit wonky due to Neptune going retrograde. However, the difficult reality checks can also introduce a refreshed intuitive clarity. Release fantastical illusions. Instead, use your feelings to make something fun and creative.

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