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Here’s What The Week Of September 9th Brings For Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

This week of September is going to bring in massive shifts in the way that you see life. You might be trying to suppress a lot of things inside you, but this month isn’t going to let you.

You can put up as many shields as you want, but this week is going to rip those to shreds and bring out the inner, truer you.

Couple that with the Harvest Moon on 14th September, and it would result in an upheaval of emotions.

This is going to bring out the true artist in you, and lead to several new innovations and creations along the way.

Here is your zodiac horoscope for September 9th to 15th.


There are a few aspects which you need to focus on. The first one is maintaining an equilibrium between your factual and fictional worlds. Secondly, you need to let go of some amount of control and start searching for the spiritual center inside you.


You are looking at the collective good than your own self. And that will probably serve you pretty well the entire week. Also, you should let go of connections that do not serve your purpose in life. Use the power at your disposal to bring out the leader inside you.


Hold on, for you might be about to get a big breakthrough, career-wise. Your desire to achieve something big is visible to all. So, why not wield that power to get out of your perceived zone of comfort and find something that truly tests your capabilities? It can result in failure, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying!


Whilst dipping yourself in the pool for communicating and learning, you might have been focusing on the wrong, rather than the right. Get back and see how things are so much different than what you perceive them to be. All it needs is some perspective and you would find the vast opportunities that are in place.


While you might be fixing everything that is material based on your life, does that give you the desired emotional stability that you need? You could be going round and round trying to assess your finances, but in the end, emotional stability will find you only when you manage your heart. Take care of relationships and see that they don’t turn into a burden for you.


Relationships are turning into your prime priority this week, and while you are being extremely compassionate about the entire notion, you should be wary. Don’t simply give without receiving anything, for that’s what results in toxicity. See to it that your relationship turns into a bridge between your own freedom and the desire to have a partner.


While you have been living in your own little world, dealing with your past wounds, you need to come out of your shell now. You need to experience reality and find ways to deal with your wounds in a more practical way.


This is the point in time where you need to keep a track of your creative as well as romantic energies. It is easy to drown in them, but the need of the hour is for you to use this creative energy to design something that truly displays your potential. You want to be in the limelight, and why not? You deserve that.


You must have mastered the professional-domestic binary, but also see to it that in the midst of bringing big changes in everything around you, you don’t lose sight of your heart. Take some time off and see what’s inside your heart.


You have already relinquished your fear of the unknown. Now is the time to get in touch with your emotional side about any particular topic and interact with people about it. Let them see your passion for things.


You have finally left the past where it belongs. Look towards the open space before you, and imagine building your life again. We know it is tough, trying to forget things which at one point meant a lot to you. But, things always require a fresh start, and you have one before you.


You need to take several steps back and assess your life. You have been looking at the welfare of others to such an extent that you have forgotten to look at yourself the same way. Relationships don’t make your identity- you do. Find out who you really are, and accept that as you. Nothing else really matters.

Have a happy week and enjoy the Harvest Moon!

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