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Is Your Kid Spiritually Gifted? This Is How You Can Teach Them To Accept Their Gifts

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Parents should help their children to develop some spiritual qualities in their lives, such as responsibility, generosity, forgiveness, appreciation, and compassion.

One of the best lessons which parents may teach their children would be that every single action has inevitable consequences, and they are not just bad, but also good ones. They have to be the change which they would like to see in this world.

Parents can teach children how they can be more forgiving, grateful and empathic. They are responsible for installing those spiritual gifts in their children as habits. However, that can sometimes be a big challenge.

Here, we will help parents with that issue as we will present them the five lessons which they can teach their children in order to help them grow spiritual gifts which we mentioned before:

Using examples to teach them.

One of the best ways parents can teach their children is with continual practice. Another important thing would be to embody those qualities.

Saying please, sorry, or thank you will be an excellent way of promoting real learning. They should try telling their experiences, emphasizing their personal gratitude, as this is going to make their home environment the perfect place for teaching.

There are numerous cases in which children learn something from their parents’ example, attitudes, or actions.

It is not a surprise that a parent is the role model for his or her children. The behavior of their children will depend on the behavior of their parents.

Forgiveness or compassion can change people’s thoughts, emotional intelligence, or prejudices as well. So, before teaching their children to practice compassion and forgiveness, parents have to start with their own actions.

Teach them how to accept forgiveness and forgive.

Although it is essential for children to know how they can forgive, it would also be essential for them to learn how they can express themselves or relate to others around them, being sincere.

They have to understand that to ask for forgiveness also has its value. They need to know that they can ask someone for forgiveness only when it’s heartfelt and sincere. However, it will not be enough when they are asking for forgiveness every time they commit an unlawful act, knowing how they can apologize in certain situations.

In fact, there may be the necessity to give an explanation or the reasons for their apologizing. This is what is going make them conscious of the forgiveness’ value. Forgiveness is going to make them more honest and responsible.

Developing their habit of gratefulness and appreciation.

Developing their habit of gratefulness is going to be quite beneficial to children as they are going to feel more satisfied in life. Appreciation and thankfulness may broaden the future perspectives they have on their lives because they are going to have a lot of different situations, experiences or people too.

Awakening Compassion.

When parents teach their children to have some empathy or be sensitive about a stressful situation, they teach them another fundamental element for spiritual growth.

When children feel more compassion and empathy, they are going to become better people in their future lives. Such habits should be introduced gradually, one by one, during the earliest stages of children’s life.

Parents need to teach their children that they have to accept everyone, just like they are accepted too. They should explain to them that we are the same, and we feel or hurt in the identical way. They have to develop compassion and empathy for adults too.

Compassion vs. sympathy.

Parents have to teach their children that to feel pity for someone sick is nothing wrong. They have to inspire their children to overcome sympathy and practice empathy instead. Another important thing would be to teach them the difference existing between sympathy and empathy (compassion).

Sympathy is creating sorrow for someone that suffers, but that, in fact, is a pity. However, empathy is about how they can come to other people and transform the situation which was the cause of the suffering.

In fact, all these spiritual gifts are the ones which parents can teach their children, and help them become the real human gifts to the world.

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