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Virgo New Moon Rising on September 14/15: Here Are Some Things You Should Do & Some You Should Avoid

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon of September on the 14th/15th will be blessing us as we prepare for the upcoming Eclipse season.

September is a time for new beginnings so utilize this Virgo New Moon to be prepared. The Universe is all set to materialize our intentions with half the solar system aligned.

This New Moon’s auspicious timing serves as our starting point for the coming months. We can channel its power to consider our goals, intentions, and what we want to cultivate as we approach the finish line in 2023.

Six planets are retrograde and all of the outer planets are active in the skies around the Virgo New Moon. All of this energy may make us feel a little unsettled in our being.

So do the following, avoid what’s been advised, and you’ll be all set to succeed in the coming months!

DON’T: Be Shy In Romantic Attempts

For the ones waiting to start over their romantic life, this is a perfect time. Be it a committed relationship or just a summer fling, the choices made now won’t hurt in the future.

The only thing you have to remember is to not be shy when the Universe presents you with these romantic opportunities. Things are better than what they appear to be initially.

DO: Carry Clear Quartz With You

Believe or not, carrying a crystal on you won’t hurt, right? Utilize this New Moon period to surround your home with the increased powers of crystals. Clear Quartz is the choice of the season so put one in your bag too!

DON’T: Let Your Fears Hold You Captive

This is the time to conquer your fears. Otherwise, these will go on to determine and restrict your future. As the Moon shines its light on you, utilize the energy to face your fears boldly. Expand your horizons for new opportunities are waiting.

DO: Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

With all the opportunities waiting just around the corner, what is the use of you refusing to leave your favorite comfort zone? Go out and enjoy yourself. Always wanted to travel alone but never took the initiative? Want to learn salsa but don’t have a partner? Forget the buts and go ahead alone. The more you explore, the happier and richer you’ll feel.

DON’T: Neglect Health

Virgo is not only about work responsibilities, but health, fitness, and routine also come under it. So this New Moon is a great time to revamp your diet or even your fitness routine. Go for that health check-up you’ve been avoiding and make your exercise routine as fun as you like.

DO: Balance Your Life

Virgo season is here to make us responsible and diligent, but a balance must be there for a happy life. While you keep progressing in your career, take this New Moon period to relax. Make time for family and friends. Have fun and be better prepared to carry out your responsibilities later.

DON’T: Think Your Goals Are Too Big

The Virgo New Moon will make you detail-oriented and focused on your goals. If things seem too overwhelming, break them into shorter, achievable tasks. Set fixed time periods to achieve these smaller goals which will ultimately help you achieve your bigger dreams. One day at a time and you can do it!

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