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6 Alternatives To Smudging: Follow Your Intuition To Choose The Right One

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by Conscious Reminder

Energy constantly surrounds us – both positive and negative. Unfortunately, which vibrations we pick up is not always for us to decide.

But there are methods of filtering out energies polluting your aura that are unwanted, and one of them is smudging.

Regularly smudging all the locations where you spend the most of your time is absolutely – be it your vehicle, home, or work. Moreover, sanctifying yourself or your space does not need to be with smoke.

Here are 6 alternatives to smudging.

1. Candles

Candles channel fire magic. Simply lighting one will start clearing the area. During meditation or ritual, try to invite the cleansing white light while focusing on the candle’s flame.

Also, you can carry a lit candle to all of your room’s corners that represent the four cardinal directions. This will help in harnessing fire’s power in clearing all the unwanted energies.

2. Himalayan Solt Crystals

Salt crystals from the Himalayas are effective as well as gorgeous when it comes to absorbing negative energy. They are also edible. Himalayan salt can release attachments, while also beneficial for working in environments filled with negative energy.

Crystals of Himalayan salt can be crushed and dissolved in water for washing floors or bathing. Placing them in a room’s four corners or anywhere can absorb and cleanse the area’s negative energy. Lamps having Himalayan salt are also particularly beneficial because of their better ionizing effect.

3. Blessed Water

Holy or blessed water can be made by leaving a container of water outside and letting it get soaked in starlight, sunlight, or moonlight. Try doing it during a significant period every month (such as a full moon).

Also, essential oils can be infused into the blessed water that will enhance the healing and cleansing properties. Use the holy water in the form of a spray or splash.

4. Crystal Grids

Grids are one of the surefire methods of retaining high vibrations and keeping out low vibrations. Smoky quartz, black kyanite, and selenite are the most suitable for grid clearing.

You can get extra protection by adding black tourmaline. The best method of conducting and raising the energy is by placing a generator borne by quartz or quartz that is clear in the grid’s center.

5. Nature – Sunshine And Fresh Air

Nature’s inherent power to renew and purify is astounding. Simply sitting or even standing on the ground is enough to make us grounded. Almost all of us must have had that one moment where we are being drenched in rain. It made us feel clean as it washed us away as if the clouds baptized us.

The Sun, which radiates light and warmth, is known for improving our mood. It is also known for transmuting energies that become stagnant. Blowing wind/air is also another effective agent of cleansing and clearing.

So open your doors, blinds, and windows and purposefully invite nature to stroll through your spaces. You can also try walking outside. Inhale purifying, fresh energy and breathe out all that needs to be released.

6. Sound – Voice, Singing Bowls, Chimes, Bells

Stagnant energy gets broken up by sound vibrations. You can sonically move energy using several methods – rattles, drums, singing bowls, bells, chimes, and so much more.

Saying prayers can add intention and help in amplification. If you don’t have tools, then just chanting “OM” will let you channel cosmic vibrations. Naturally and physically emanating sound frees the energy that needs to be released.

Parting Words

Let your inner wisdom and intuition guide you to which methods you should choose. Also, keep in mind, that the only absolutely essential tool you need is yourself to find satisfaction.

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