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Harnessing The Energies Of The Last Eclipse Of 2020

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by Conscious Reminder

The last Eclipse of 2020 is scheduled for 14th December, and it will coincide with a New Moon in Sagittarius.

The powers of the Total Solar Eclipse will combine with the fiery energy of the Sagittarius Moon to send us abundance and expansion. But before that, it will shake us up like never before! So, here are some ways for you to stay safe under this luminary.

Focus On Your Friendships

Eclipses are known to bring unexpected changes. But with this one happening in the adventure-loving Sagittarius, we will be pushed out of our comfort zones. As we find new places, it is important to create new friendships as well.

Think Before You Leap

With a highly active Mercury, this is not the time for hasty decisions. Take Mercury’s help to plan your way ahead, but wait till the impact of the Eclipse wears off before taking any steps. Lesser the actions, better it is.

Be Flexible With Your Goals

Eclipses send us chaotic energy, so this is not the best time to set intentions. But you can use the influence of Mars to renew your ambitions and gain new perspectives on your goals after the Eclipse ends.

Let The Free Spirit Of Sagittarius Be Your Guide

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is bringing some intense changes our way. This is a great time to tap into the Sagittarian spirit and let your adventurous side out. Let go of rigid expectations and be stunned by new experiences under this lunation!

Spend Time With Yourself

This lunation will have the blessings of Venus and Jupiter. So, our sensuality, desire for pleasure and the finer things will be upped now. While the shake-ups might be tough to deal with, you can learn to relax and pamper yourself with Venus and Jupiter’s blessings.


As the year draws to an end, use this special day to reflect on the things you have learned this year. Look into your personal beliefs, and that will give you the strength to deal with the massive changes.

Optimism Wins The Day

This is a great time to channel the optimistic energy of Sagittarius and consciously look for the silver linings. Keep your chin up, and the dark clouds will soon disappear.

The energies of the Eclipse and the New Moon will be intense. But with a little bit of positivity and perseverance, we will survive this storm as well!

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