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A Powerful Aquarius New Moon Rising Today: Time To Grow Up!

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by Conscious Reminder

On 4th of February, 2019, there will be a New Moon at 15º Aquarius decan 2. It creates an eye pattern and activates our third eye.

The star Alnair makes us observant about others and towards our own lives. The New Moon will direct us towards our dreams. It will help us grow and evolve so that we can be independent emotionally. It is also a great alignment for any creative project to flourish.

New Moon Implications

The New Moon on February 2019 can make us stop trusting our inner feelings. We will try to use logic to reason with anything that might be happening to us and this may sound good at first, but can actually be terribly harmful.

Our body speaks to us in the form of pleasure or pain and if we fail to listen to it, then it can cause health problems. We might also find ourselves playing martyr when it comes to our relationships.

Though we might act stoic most of the time, we can easily convey our feelings through writing or poetry and so our artistic side will be quite strong. Austin Coppock suggests that this New Moon will make us feel like we are in a state of limbo.

We would want to be independent emotionally, but it won’t work out because we will start feeling alienated. However, this period would be fruitful for our philosophical self.

Alnair – the star of New Moon

The crane constellation is small and so it has not been a focus for many astrologers. But, the main star Alnair is an important part of it. It has been described as proud and observant, kind and idealistic.

So, you will be infused with the positive feeling of Alnair and it will fit perfectly with the New Moon that is going to take place. Plus, there is the observant quality of Alnair which will help you observe and understand people better.

The Aspects of New Moon

The Moon will sextile Jupiter which is a great alignment for song writers and publishers. Jupiter rules the publisher in our lives. The expansive Jupiter will help develop our imagination and make it go wild and limitless.

You may not know if you are in the right place at the right time or not, but it is during this period that sudden luck may come to your favor, so, be ready. However, all is not great for this alignment. Jupiter is known for his lust.

Hence, in this period, you could be an unfortunate recipient of some kind of abuse – drug or sexual. Or you might be the perpetrator!

Eye Pattern of the New Moon aspect

The New Moon is making the Eye aspect, which the Huber School recognizes as the symbol of flexibility, alertness, and inquisitiveness. This pattern works a lot like radar and will not let anything escape your sight during this time.

You are alert and seeking new information and both this alertness and curiosity will make sure that you remain attentive to different details. However, much of it depends on the planets and how they are aligning themselves with one another. Neptune can be a bit diffuse, while Saturn can be a bit discriminatory.

According to the Hubers, if there is a spiritual planet involved during this period then you can enter para-psychological states like clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. The instinctive intuition will start to work.

Saturn will sextile Neptune

This New Moon will fall on the important aspect of Saturn that will sextile Neptune – a powerful alignment. It gives the well-required boost to spirituality and religion. It also promotes medicine and health.

Due to this soft aspect, the planet will bring a deceptive and melancholic side in all of us as well. Neptune is engaged in dreaming while Saturn brings structure to the dreams. Thus, you will be able to find a plan and structure to your goals so that you can get out there and capture it.

The people who are affected by this alignment will keep their patience and will push through the hurdles. They will continually work towards their dream, however difficult the circumstances might be.

While the energy of Saturn might hold Neptune as a martyr, the alignment also gives you the wisdom to use this energy properly. If you are creative, you will be able to sacrifice certain parts of yourself. Also, you will be able to use your creativity prudently to gain humble progress in your creative projects.


The New Moon brings the theme of traveling by water – which can indicate the recent spotlight on immigration and the media. Immigration is becoming an important issue in the world. Also, the gaslighting of media has turned them into propaganda machines that are going against the interests of the common people.

On a personal level, the New Moon is giving us enough willpower to take up new projects in our lives and help us in achieving them in some way. It will connect us to the universe and use its energy to tackle obstacles. If the spiritual planets are on our side, then the eye aspect can activate our third eye.

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