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5 Easy Ways To Cleanse With The Next Full Moon

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By Sarah Wilder

Some great ways we can really tap into and work with the monthly energy of a full moon is to purge and cleanse whatever we can. Here are some great suggestions to work into your schedule the next time one rolls around to get the most out of this very healing and cathartic time on our calendar.

Mind Cleanse 

Tune in and listen to what you say to yourself in your internal dialogue – does this need a good clean out? Do you punish yourself, put yourself down or treat yourself with unkind words often? Try ditching those or focusing on that less and replacing them with some more positive or kind words. If you have felt poorly treated or not prioritized by people you love, try this as it’s often a reflection of how we are simply treating ourselves.

Physical Cleanse

This is another one we are really great at doing intuitively! Sometimes we just know not to eat as much around the time of the full moon and instead do things like detox (We are doing a Juice cleanse this week here in the TFEL office to tap right into this energy too!), our bodies often sync up with the moon through our menstrual cycle around this time, cleansing our uterus lining and preparing for the newness that awaits. So we can definitely aid our body during this process too by cleaning our skin – dry brushing, facials, scrubs, soaks etc and eating lighter to allow for more healing and regeneration time for our cells.

Emotional Cleanse

 Have you had a good cry lately? This is the PERFECT full moon to do just that! It’s so cleansing to have an emotional release! Permission to grab the tissues and watch a few romcoms this week! What have you been avoiding feeling? Maybe it’s time to address it. Write a little letter expressing how you feel and let it all off your shoulders. Even run yourself a beautiful warm magnesium bath after. Bliss!

Environmental Cleanse

This is a really common one we all intuitively know to do regularly. Feeling unattractive? Throw out some old clothes that don’t make you feel any good when you wear them, feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Try decluttering the house and make space for your mind to feel less stimulated at home. Cleansing the energy of the space with indoor plants (green is SO good for the eyes and of course air quality in the room), sage smoke or incense is also super helpful to move any stagnant energy in your space. You’ll also find that decluttering can help you to manifest MORE abundance in your life – like unexpected money!

sage cleansing full moon ritual sarah wilder

Spiritual Cleanse

What’s dragging you down? What can you let go of? Perhaps it’s something that you’ve been trying to make work lately but deep down you know it’s simply just not for you. There is no rule book when it comes to our own nature and what is for our greatest good, and many of us feel societal pressure to take on things that seem more “spiritual” or “high vibe” or taking the high road in order to be a “good person” – This is simply not the case. Choose whatever makes you feel lighter and like your true self.

If you’re investing your energy into someone who isn’t showing the same investment back, perhaps let go of that attachment and instead invest that time into yourself. This goes for just about anything happening in your life where you feel out of alignment. Practicing the art of detachment is personally my greatest lesson and something I have to consciously focus on often.

This is ultimately going to keep us in our vortex and continually manifest what we desire, so it’s super important to purge things that don’t align with us on a spiritual level, too.

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