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Are You Too Busy To Be Mindful? Maybe You Could Give This A Try

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us wants to be mindful; however, we sometimes feel like we don’t have enough time for being mindful.

A lot of people believe that mindfulness needs a free schedule and a quiet room in order to succeed, but apparently, it is not true. We have the chance to choose to actually be present in any place, any time, anywhere. That is the hack.

Here is how we can make three monotonous routines more mindful:

Brush the teeth

Teeth-cleaning should be transformed from being a core into sensory exploration.

We should pick up our toothbrush. So, how does the toothbrush feel in our hands? What are the sensations that we can feel in our fingers while we are squeezing the toothpaste? We should also focus on how the toothpaste is forming on our toothbrush.

We should also notice the sensation while our toothbrush is moving in our mouth, along our teeth. What sounds it produces? We should focus on the sensations which it brushes our gums.

Also, we have to be conscious of the paste which builds up in our mouth while we are brushing. We have to not only be mindful of some sensations in our mouth but how our arm feels while we make those brushing movements.

After we finish brushing, we should listen to all those sounds of the water while we clean our toothbrush, and then feel those subtle vibrations while the water is flowing over it.

Wait in line

We should start our self-discovery journey.

While we are standing in a line, we should notice that we are breathing. We have to focus on the sensations and sounds of our breath. How do we feel the air while it is moving through our nostrils?

Do we breathe from our chest or out abdomen? Now, we have to notice how our feet feel while we are standing. Is our weight equally distributed, or do we place more of our weight on the one side and less on the other? Or how do our hips feel, or how does our back feel while we are standing.

Are our shoulders tensed or relaxed?

How does our face feel? Do we smile? While we do this, we should notice that we are breathing. We are supposed to do this all the time while we are waiting in line.


When we are taking a walk, we should take our entire self, and not only our body.

We should listen to every sound produced by our footsteps and notice how our feet feel in our shoes. Can we feel our feet’s soles?

How do our hips feel while we walk? Do we have our back straight? Are our shoulders tense or relaxed? We should notice how our arms move while we walk. Then, we should pay more attention to our face and head.

How does our head feel while it rests on our shoulders? Or, how does our face feel – our mouth, cheeks, forehead, and eyes? Are we able to feel ourselves breathing while we walk? We should do this for some time until we reach our destination.

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