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Mercury Stations Retrograde March 5th: Mouth Working Faster Than Brain

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by Conscious Reminder

The retrograde of the planet Mercury in March of this year will start on the 5th of March in the sign of Pisces and will end on the 28th of March, also in Pisces.

The retrograde of Mercury is one regular cycle which happens from three to four times in one year, lasting for 24 or more days. This retrograde is connected with technology breakdowns, communication, nervous anxiety, lost items, and travel delays.

During this period, we can also reminisce about our past or meet someone from our past unexpectedly. Also, at the time of the retrograde, business negotiations will also be flowing, with certain significant details still not being available.

The retrograde of Mercury in March 2019

This phase of the planet Mercury is only one piece of the retrograde cycle of Mercury. The entire cycle also includes the planet going direct, then retrograde, and then direct once again, over same retrograde zones and degrees. The first and last direct phases of the cycle are called shadow periods.

Here are the three different phases of the retrograde of Mercury:

19th of February – 5th of March: This is the primary phase from the planet Mercury entering in the zone of retrograde, until the stationary retrograde of Mercury.

5th of March – 28th of March: This is a retrograde phase which lasts from the stationary retrograde of Mercury until the direct station of the same planet.

28th of March – 16th of April: This is the second phase from the stationary direct of Mercury until it leaves the zone of the retrograde.

Mercury is entering the retrograde zone

At the time of the first so-called shadow phase, we are going to get the idea of communication, transport problems or thinking that are going to arise during this phase of the retrograde.

The planet Mercury entered the zone of the retrograde in the sign of Pisces, on the 19th of February, the day when the adventurous, sexy and exciting Full Moon also occurred. It brought us a lot of opportunities for romance, change, and success.

What can also bring confusion, deception, scandal, and fear would be the conjunction of Neptune and Mercury. However, with the sextile Venus and Saturn, it is going to bring romance, sensitivity, karmic attraction, creative imagination, and sensuality.

With this Full Moon in February, and some other planets too, the first direct phase of Mercury brought healing, compassion, clairvoyance, spirituality, and selflessness. It will be time for psychic awareness, dreaming, and even learning some occult subjects such as Tarot and astrology.

The stationary retrograde of Mercury

On Tuesday, the 5th of March, 2019, the retrograde of the planet Mercury in Pisces is also joined together with the small planet called Chiron, and even with the fixed star from the Pegasus Constellation, which is called Scheat.

The hard star has a very strong influence during the month of March. The planet Mercury is joined by Scheat from the 28th of February, to the 10th of March.

Until the 18th of March, Chiron remains within Scheat. And, in the end, the Sun on the 20th of March, when there will be a Full Moon too, is joined by Scheat. 

This fixed star in the sign of Pisces will cause extreme misfortune, suicide, drowning, and murder. With this planet, it may create a lot of narrow escapes and accidents, mainly by water, a lot of enemies, or trouble through writing and it may be bad for domestic affairs and health.

There is also the possibility of positive influences emanating from the fixed star; however, this would be only for several people, and it will have an impact on the mental creativity only if these individuals are prepared to receive those inflows.

The conjunction of Mercury and Chiron also suggests that communications are going to be the source of people’s pain. Some hurtful words can include name calling, teasing, or some other form of verbal mistreat and abuse.

Opinions about those with physical disabilities and mental illness are also going to happen during this period. Some problems may include abuse and discrimination, and even the perception that those that are disables are not intelligent.

However, the positive side of this conjunction would be the capacity to listen to the problems of people and understand the pain they feel. This means that the conjunction gives some healing hand too.

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