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The Shape Of Your Crystals Is Important Too. Here’s What You Need To Know

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by Conscious Reminder

Those people that are not familiar with the world of crystals will think that the way in which stones are shaped and cut is entirely aesthetic; however, there is a little bit more about the shape of crystals than our eyes can see.

Although it is not going to change the energy type which crystals give off, the particular way in which crystals are cut may affect or even enhance our experiencing of such energy.

Knowing what different crystal shapes do is going to help us amplify our experience, by the mood we are in. When we have to focus, we should use crystal points. Or, when we look for stability, we should go for the grounding cube’s essence.

Tumbled stones

These stone are an excellent thing to start our crystal adventures. For small investments, the benefits which we are going to receive from such pocket-sized stones will be significant. As a result of the size, the tumbled stones may be placed in our pocket or displayed on our office desk, or placed in our car and even tucked under our pillow.


The crystal spheres permit the emission of energy in different directions. This perfect symmetry brings peace, relaxing energies, and balance into the environment where it is found. Using the sphere in meditation is going to provide us with wholeness, just like we are holding this world in our hands. They can unit every part of our being and also connect us with our surroundings’ energies.


These are probably the tools which are most potent for amplifying and manifesting energies. This is a sacred shape which was utilized by a lot of ancient civilizations, particularly the people in ancient Egypt. Egyptians believed that the pyramids are the symbol of the Sun’s rays. Crystals that have this particular shape are found to harness higher vibrational energy for higher manifesting power.


The crystal harmonizers have cylindrical shapes, utilized during meditation. Such crystal tools were crafted for curing energetic imbalances or energy blocks since the times of ancient Egyptians. Holding one in the left (yin) and other in the right hand (yang) will reinvigorate spiritual vitality, and our sense of harmony and balance is going to be restored.


A lot of crystals can be found in the form of cubes. This shape is connected with our root chakra. So, meditating with crystals in the form of a cube is going to help us ground our energy and also reconnect us with the Earth’s powerful energy. When we place formations in the shape of a cube in every corner of our room, we are going to seal, ground, and protect the space’s energy.


The crystals in the form of hearts will remind us that love surrounds us all the time. Such crystals are strong allies when it comes to giving us help in attracting love from other people, or nourishing ourselves with love coming from within.


These crystal formations are definitely the most frequently utilized and even beneficial to commonly work with. In fact, they are quite powerful when it comes to manifestation, as these crystal points will help us manifest our wishes, intentions, and dreams at the fastest rate, as they will direct them up into our Universe.


Crystal clusters happen when a few crystal points are growing together on the matrix. Because of the convergence of a lot of crystal points, crystal clusters vibrate higher energies, directing them into several directions and also making them crystal essentials.

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