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The Family Trauma That Ran In My Family For Generations & How I Dealt With It

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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, there are scientific proofs which suggest that every individual probably carries some trauma of his or her mother, grandmother, or someone else that existed before them.

According to some studies, about 70% of adult individuals experienced some kind of trauma, while another source reported that just 17% of those people function at ideal mental health.

A lot of people are experiencing and probably have experienced certain challenging times in their past. The shocking statistics may simply be meant to make us aware of our common fragility and humanity, and also about how precious human life is.

These are the five techniques which helped a lot of people in dealing with traumas and separating their past from their present:

1. Exercise

As Ayurveda claims, which is science from ancient India, thoughts, and emotions which aren’t digested in the proper way may be stored in the muscles.

So, we have to commit to find the exercise which is going to work best for us and feel like some sort of release of the tension inside us. Spinning classes, running, and practicing yoga will be excellent options, for example.

2. Breathwork

Establishing an everyday breathwork practice has been a game-changing at the start of healing journeys of a lot of people when they were flooded with negative memories.

However, with their breath supporting them, they had the ability to remain present, observing their thoughts instead of drowning in them. As some scientific research suggests, breathing will reduce cravings and impulsivity, and decrease depression and anxiety.

We should try to breathe in for about 4 seconds, and then hold our breath for 4 seconds, and breathe out for about 6 seconds, and hold for 2 seconds. We should repeat this for just two minutes.

3. Meditation on a daily basis

Just like the previous technique, meditation was shown to be effective in decreasing fear and over-reactivity in people’s mind, while increasing happiness. Once we find the meditation practice which will work best, we should stick to it.

With practicing meditation every day, we will build our stability and inner strength, so we can finally permit our unprocessed trauma come on the surface. We will then see our traumatic memories and experiences through an entirely different lens.

4. Diet

A lot of people will find themselves craving sugar every time they experience negative thoughts or feelings. After that, the sweet dealing mechanism will lead them back in their anxiety and depression.

Happiness begins in our gut, so when we finally realize that, we will eliminate alcohol and start following a plant-based, and clean diet with just a small amount of sugar.

5. Healing ally

According to a Harvard study from recent times, healthy friendships will reduce stress, promote excellent brain health, and help people in rebounding from health problems and diseases much faster.

So, we should find a person that we can share our story with, a person that will accept our imperfections without judging us.

Overcoming family trauma will happen gradually. The primary purpose will be not to delete our past and forget our traumatic memories; instead, we should gain an entirely new perspective, and we won’t feel that we are suffocating anymore. Our intention should be not to ignore the pain but transcend it.

So, when some older ways of thinking, reacting, and feeling don’t serve us any purpose anymore, we should get rid of them. It will be the right time for choosing new stories, some of which are freeing and empowering without blame.

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