Go With The Flow Of The Pisces New Moon Energy, It’s Not The Best Time To Force Anything

by Conscious Reminder

Begin your escapist journey as the New Moon enters Pisces! Pisces empowers our dreams and so, you will feel a bit of otherworldliness during this period. It will bring in a lot of confusion and it’s not going to go away that fast.

It will stay with you for a month. But then, it is not one of those confusing times that brings a lot of anxiety in you.

This New Moon will make you confused in a way that you would not even notice it. It just escalates what you have been feeling already.

The thing is: Pisces is a water sign – formless and boundless, like our imagination. Like water, it will connect several aspects of us and then bring us to new heights. But you should not be afraid of it.

Chiron had been passing through this area for a long time and we are already aware of how it feels like. We have developed an experience of 9 years out of it.

Chiron has left Pisces on Valentine’s day but now, with the new moon in Pisces, the blurred boundlessness is at an all-time high. The reasons are simple.

Neptune, the ruler of this water sign, is close and controlling Pisces. Neptune makes us irrational – it twists our reality and confounds us. With Neptune, reality and dreams intermix, becoming one.

The second reason, of course, is the power of Neptune. Neptune is powerful itself, but now, it is also drawing strength from the boundless Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Jupiter, with its large clouds, will be fogging our current reality and bringing us to dreamy heights where we delve into high subjects, like divine philosophy. Our possibilities will be expanding to reach impossible stretches.

Both Neptune and the square with Jupiter will affect us. But then, there is also the Mercury retrograde that will be going for Pisces for three-whole weeks. Mercury will be in the Moon sign, but also, it will be at the very last degree of it too – the point which is referred to as the point of ultimate sorrow.

Chiron had also been in this spot before and it had a major effect on all of us – bringing our physical and emotional wounds and illnesses to the surface.  As Mercury passes through this same point, you will be understanding what all this turmoil meant.

Probably, you will find a clue when you are listening to a song, or watching a movie or a TV show – all Piscean vehicles helping you with your journey. Conscious thoughts may not be much help here.

Mercury in Pisces is very visual and so, you might be encountering audio and visual to extract meaning from it. Telepathy could be another way too. Pisces will also bring out the tricks of Mercury, and as a result, your spoken word can mislead others. So be careful.

So, how can we keep ourselves in tune with reality if both Neptune and Pisces is bringing our dreamy selves out in the open? Well, the universe has your back. Uranus is moving to grounded Taurus during this period.

This is an odd alignment, especially during this period. We had a taste of it in the middle of May or early November the previous year. It broke all our constraints and made us more autonomous. Plus, last May, Aries’ energy was strong and affected us too.

But this time, the shift will be gentle. New kinds of perspectives will be forming in us and brought out on the table. The energy of Uranus paired with the dreamy Neptune empowers and brings up unexpected innovative experience within us.

It will also make us draw some practical solutions from all the dreamy environment presented by Neptune. At first, it might be slow, but eventually, we will be able to find the ground beneath us.

All you have to do is be open to the fresh energies of Uranus. Let it enter you and become a part of you. Then, you will find your way out of the misdirection of Neptune. Let it guide you to a better balance of both dreams and reality. We all need that in our lives.

The Pisces New Moon of 2019 would be quite an adventure. But don’t let it exhaust you. Be prepared and be grounded. You can sail through it smoothly.

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