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Lunar Power: Taking Advantage Of The Moon Phases

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Since the prehistoric ages, the Moon has always been a source of inspiration for poets, philosophers, and scientists, apart from being a part of several English proverbs that a love-struck would use for his love.

The Moon has captured the attention of men and women alike, to the extent that they were willing to send people there. But, what most don’t realize, where most don’t go- beyond that pretty face, is that Earth’s lone satellite has several uses and they benefit us greatly, even though we are mostly ignorant about it.

The orbit of the Moon, or the lunar cycle as we call it, occurs every 14 days, and greatly resolves several issues that Mother Earth could have with her children.

It is no surprise then that farmers since centuries long gone, have looked towards the Moon, as a clock for their agricultural procedure. Also, it is no surprise that Shakespeare decided to embed it in words on paper.

Nevertheless, it is also of note that each stages of the moon, be it the New, or the Crescent, have an utility that we would be very sorry to let go.


The moment when time starts anew, is also the moment when you start anew. The Moon is hidden behind clouds, and the starless sky, and it is of great importance that you hide your genius behind screens, too. This is not the time when you go proclaiming it. Mould it into perfection.


Don’t go all out, yet, JUST yet, stick a tail, or a nail. Don’t give it all out; enough to create a buzz. Nothing more. Just like a hint of the moon peeking behind the clouds, you need to expose, just a tiny little bit, so people know you exist.

First Quarter Moon

This is the moment when you jump into it. Bring out the guns, and set them to the ground. Assess your equipment, and slowly, gradually start your endeavors. Obstacles will flock you like iron to a magnet, but if you do get so many obstacles, it’s probably because you are doing it right.


This is the moment when you stop and think. All this work you have been doing, has it been correct? This is the time to think, and upgrade your plans, if need be. You don’t have to put a hiatus; just a minor speed bump.

Full Moon

Stand and marvel. You have done it! You have worked yourself off, and now you get to witness the spectacle you have created. Show it to the world, and let them bask in the light of your glory.

Disseminating Moon

This is when you get new ideas to better your project. Most people usually find themselves either cutting off ideas that would hamper their growth, or bring forth new inspirations.

Last Quarter

The time to pack up. The time to move on. The time when people you end your grand performance and people come up to you with appreciation, or criticism. This is the moment, when you truly reap, what you have sowed.

Waning Crescent

Stop, drop, and roll. You are done, bro. Take a sofa, align it towards the window, look at the birds chirping in the sky, and a cup of coffee in your hands. Get some rest, you have earned it.

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