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Welcome To Magical March — Get Ready For Powerful New Energies Taking Place This Month!

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March is definitely one of those months which are vital for each year, and it will bring you an enormous turning energy point.

There are a lot of things which will happen during it, so the chances are that you will feel pulled and pushed in a lot of different directions.

During this month, there will also be several surprises for you, so you have to stay open. Also, try to avoid stressing yourself over something that did not happen as you expected to.

Through the entire month, you are going to work with 33, which is a powerful numerology code. The reason for this is as March is month number 3, in year number 3.

On the 3rd of March, you are going to feel this energy expressing itself the strongest.

The numerology code related to that day is going to be 333. 3 is the number which represents the sum of who you are – body, mind, and spirit.

Also, it represents balance and harmony achieved when in alignment.

This number is highly expressive, and it encourages you to express your truth, communicate your desires and needs to yourself, to other people and the world, and speak up.

You will be supported and encourages in those areas during the whole month, and on certain days such as the 3rd of March, you are going to be cosmically supported about speaking your truth or creating harmony and balance on the level of body, mind, and soul.

On the 5th of March, we are going to enter in the retrograde of the planet Mercury occurring in Pisces.

Mercury is going to retrograde until March 28th, encouraging you to slow down, assess and be careful before you keep moving.

The planet Mercury is one of communication, which means that you will have to dig profoundly to express your truth and figure out the things you really desire. At the time of the retrograde, your beliefs will also shake up. What you believed you wanted, and what you always believed you wanted will probably not be your truth anymore.

So, under the energy, you may need to adjust your beliefs and even discover a more profound and meaningful truth which resonates from inside.

The 6th of March will probably be the most critical day of this month.

There is going to be a New Moon occurring in the sign of Pisces, and the planet Uranus will also move into Taurus at the same day. It will be a huge cosmic day which will represent the beginning of a new cycle.

The New Moon in Pisces has quite busy energies, so a lot of things will probably happen during this period. When you are paying more attention to messages that your body, mind, and soul send you and staying balanced will be really important too.

Every time some big planet such as Uranus changes signs, it is sending enormous cosmic waves into our Universe which you feel on a couple of levels. Uranus entered in Taurus last year in May, and it will be there until 2026.

On the 20th of March, we are going to witness the last Super Moon of the three of this year.

The Super Moon will fall in Libra, and it is going to give help you realize what has to be wrapped up and completed so that you can entirely enter into 2019.

From an astrological point of view, the New Year occurs one day after the Super Moon, on March 21st. On this particular day, the Sun will enter in the sign of Aries, and it will start an entirely new cycle. There will also be an Equinox, which means we will witness same hours of dark and light.

The shift in energies is going to prepare you for the following months, and it is going to help you fuel your goals and dreams. The month of March will be a quite busy one, as there will be plenty of cosmic energy which you can use.

During this month, you may meet some unexpected turns and twists, but remember your more profound truth and keep working hard in order to clear every belief or thought which is rooted in your outdated thinking.

You should also use the energy to elevate the heart, mind and the soul. Meditate, in order to stay balanced, and also check in with yourself, and recharge every time you have the chance to.

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