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The Power Of Love: The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

She roamed around the streets of the biggest city in the world.

Wearing nothing but a linen white dress, and a pair of old sandals, she was frantically checking every street, every yard, every corner, every dark alley…what was she even looking for? There was no one outside at that time of the night; it was pitch black. Only the drunkards, prostitutes and stray dogs were still up…but she didn’t care…she wasn’t afraid of what people would say about her, what label they would give her, what name they would call her…her heart was beating faster, but not because of them, but because oh HIM.

With every step she took, she could feel him; she sensed his presence; it excited her…she was getting closer. She was able to smell his essence in the midsummer air. The breeze was her compass​; it led her through the labyrinth of clay and stone houses, showing her the right way.

But the breeze was not talking to her at all,it wasn’t talking to her eyes….it wasn’t talking to her ears, it wasn’t talking to her mind…

Her heart was the one that spoke the language of the wind. Her heart was as old as the wind…they had been friends for a long long time, even before Babylon existed…they had been walking the deserts together, singing the song of life, celebrating every grain of send and every drop of water they touched.

Her scent made the wind happy, and, in return, the wind gave her wings.

People witnessed seeing her dance midair, while her long dark hair floated around making the most beautiful of shapes.

But she wasn’t a sorceress. No, she was just someone who could talk to the wind…she knew how to break its bones, bend the wind to the point of making it angry so it would blow so furiously, that lifted her body far off the ground, just to let her calm it down with her gentle dance. The wind loved her, but her heart belonged to HIM.

And she was running, she kept going, one wrong turn after another, but she was determined to find HIM. He was all she could think about…her whole nature, her entire being was pulling her towards him.

She was counting the steps. Her feet were already bleeding, but she was determined to find HIM.

Babylon was getting too big…she was in pain! Her whole body was shivering, tears started running down her face…he was near. She smelled him, she could hear his heartbeat. It was strong, beating like a war drum in her ears,sending the biggest army in battle…

She crashed…..

Her long hair, darker than the night, was already soaking wet…it was covering her face, hiding her tears away from the moon. Her chest was rising and collapsing…she was dying deep inside…and then THE WIND!

Her faithful companion drank her tears dry, and whispered in her ear: “LET GO, I will find him for you!”

And it blew so strong, lifting her body off the pavement, high above the city walls. It didn’t let her walk. Her feet were too precious for the dirty streets of Babylon. It loved her, even though, she loved another Man.

And it blew, blew all the dirt away so she could see the moon and bathe her body in pure light.

Once again she was alive, her heart was strong…he was close, she could almost touch him.

The wind found the most beautiful place in the world, it found the HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLON. It was heaven on Earth. It reminded her of her long lost homeland. It was so vividly colorful. The moonlight was caressing every flower, every petal, every leaf…

HE WAS THERE…he had to be there…

Deep down, buried in the belly of the garden, there was a throne…HIS THRONE…carved in pure gold, grand…magnificent.

She couldn’t hold her tears back anymore. She saw HIM.

And there he was…sitting in his throne…the KING OF BABYLON himself.

He saw her too…his heart jumped out! Her beauty was so unusual…she wasn’t the prettiest woman he had seen, but she was different. Something in her eyes…

She fell on her knees, crashed in front of her king’s feet. And cried, cried all the pain she was feeling out. She cursed him, she screamed at him, she insulted him…and even though she knew he could easily end her life for doing so, she kept going…she didn’t care. She was deeply hurt, her heart has been crushed over and over and over again, but she somehow wasnt able to forget him.

She BELONGED TO HER KING. He let her lie down on the stone cold floor, and when she was powerless like a wounded lioness, he came to her.

The king took her face between his hands and that was the first time she felt his touch on her skin. He wiped her tears away…he was beautiful…more beautiful than Apolo, smarter than Solomon, gentler than the breeze, softer than a lamb’s wool. He smelled better than all the flowers in the garden of Babylon combined.

He wanted her and she wanted him. He touched her…his hands mapped every curve of her body. He loved how she shivered under his touch. He pulled her close, and their lips merged.

It was like nothing they both felt before. The king, recognized her heart. She wasn’t just someone from his dreams, she was real. Her face wasn’t the same, but her heart…and those eyes…nothing in the world could make him forget them.

It was HER, his eternal flame, his spark, his slave…she belonged to him, and he wanted to claim what was his.

And he did it, right there on his throne, he took her innocence. She loved the pain he have her,and he roared like the lion he was.

She found her home, in a place that wasn’t hers…

And than the wind…howling like a wounded warrior, blew everything away,and stole her. It knew it couldn’t have her so, the wind destroyed her body.

The only thing it couldn’t destroy was her heart. It just couldn’t…it was purer than anything it had ever touched, so it laid it down in a velvet box covered in crystals and gave it to the king….

After all it belonged to him and only to him…

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