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7 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Guardian Angels

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by Conscious Reminder

The spirit assigned our guardian angels even before our birth. Unlike helper angels and archangels, the guardian angels are ours exclusively. We should think of them as of our private detectives, that have just one case, and that is us.

Guardian angels are like nurturing mothers who always run after their child and do everything they can to keep their children safe. Guardian angels provide us with comfort, usually guidance, and also bring opportunities and people in our life.

However, here we will explain who guardian angels are and also what is their motivation:

1. They are nondenominational.

Guardian angels are not only for Christians. They work with individuals of all the other faiths, such as Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Pagan, and Buddhist. They work with individuals that are spiritual, although they don’t identify with a particular religion.

This really makes sense, because as we said, we were all assigned a guardian angel before our birth. Guardian angels don’t have a favorite spiritual tradition. Atheists also have their guardian angels. Guardian angels respect people’s beliefs, urging them also to respect them, unless the beliefs of a person are not hurting him or her.

2. They have souls and hearts.

Some people think that angels are really different from human beings, that we don’t have anything in common. However, angels are highly sensitive and emotional creatures, and this makes sense because the job they do is about displaying compassion and mercy toward humanity.

They are sensitive to other people’s emotions too. When we are in pain, they will be in pain as well. However, they are very powerful emotional experts, so they won’t take more than they may handle.

3. When we ask them to help us, they feel free to help us more.

The angels, particularly the guardian ones, always buzz around and look for some ways of making our earthly journey interesting, satisfying and dynamic. This means that even people that never pray, and never ask for help, continually benefit from the angelic intervention.

When we ask our guardian angels for help about something particular, it will give them the freedom to assist us more. The reason for this is as they are almost always going to honor our freewill choices unless those choices are going to be detrimental for us or for others.

4. They chose us.

One of the main reasons why guardian angels can be entirely devoted to us is as they chose us. They chose to stand by our side and also guide us through our lives, making a sacred vow with spirit and heaven as the witness.

Although they strongly feel that they have to watch over their charges, the devotion is actually based on real and pure love. Their capacity for loving someone is strange, and they made the decision to pour all their love on us and our lives as they respect our soul.

5. They know us better than others.

Guardian angels were with us even before we were born, right when we were a little soul floating in heaven. Hence, they know us really well, as they know our ‘real’ us, not only our culture, physical body, and time period we work with now.

As they are close with Spirit, they will know all the experiences, relationships, and destinations Spirit planned for us on earth. They can even see straight in our heart. 

6. They are with us through everything, good or bad.

Our guardian angels are never going to abandon us, and they particularly stick really close by our side. When we have some problems, such as when we are in court, in hospital, in jail or in despair, our guardian will faithfully support and love us. In such situations, they are close to us than we can imagine.

They never judge us. They see every mistake we make for what it is – just a mistake. They know that human beings are fallible, often doing the best they can. When we do terrible things, or we are not at our best, their forgiveness is unconditional.

7. We have more guardian angels, not only one.

Cultures and traditions usually depict guardian angels just like they are meant for only one mission, but the truth is that every person in the world has more guardian angels, not just one.

So, their number will depend on our life circumstances, or also on the goals of our soul. However, three or even four is their common number for one person. They can even have their authentic personality as human beings do.

They want us to establish communication with them.

If we bond with our guardian angels, we will know something more about them. We can read some books about guardian angels, or listen to some music where ‘angel’ is present as a word in the song’s lyrics, give them angels names, and so on.

We should spend some time acknowledging our guardian angels, so we are going to become really good friends. In that way, the angelic communication is going to occur naturally.

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