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Today Is March 3: Here Is The Spiritual Significance Behind The Powerful Number 3

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by Conscious Reminder

Time does not really exist, if you think about it – not as a linear progression at least. Shocked? Well, when we are stuck in the earthly realm, then time appears to exist in a certain way.

However, it is nothing but an illusion. Many people have gone beyond the realms of time and found out that time, as we know it, does not really exist.

The stages in which the progression of time occurs, as you know it, is how we are able to process things on earth. It must have a start, a middle and a conclusion. But what does March 3rd have to do with time?

3rd March opens up an important numerological code – 333. It is the third month of the third year and we are on the third day. Now, you may ask that calendars, as we know it, are just human invention?

Well, you are right but numbers come down to us from the universe. Numbers and patterns are important parts of the cosmos and our lives.

Why else do scientists spend so many days with numbers to study the universe? There are a pattern and a sequence to our lives as we journey from birth to our death. And numbers control it.

However, number 3 is somehow one of the most important ones among mathematicians and numerologists alike.

The number 3 is also present in 3D and likewise, it indicates the material aspect of the world. It shows our ability to create and to manifest.

Number 3 can also be referred to as the building blocks of our lives. It is the total of our mind, body and spirit. It represents the starting point, the middle and the ending point of our lives.

‘3’ is also the number for creativity. It helps in expressing ourselves creatively and listen to our inner voice as well. If we truly be silent and be guided by our inner voice, we can reach the highest truth. It can put us all in the right path.

Well, if 3 is such a magical number, imagine the boost it will get when it is paired with two more on the third of March. If we can just look within and tap into the pool of energy that 333 brings, then you can imagine this point to be like a signpost that will define your life from hereon.

We will be able to express ourselves better during this period, and on top of that, we will be able to align ourselves with the cosmos and be one with it.

Creativity and harmony – the universe brings everything to us. We can now write our own stories during this period and become heroes of our tale. The only thing we need to do is connect.

The Universe wants us to grow. It is expanding and it wants us to expand with it. Of course, we might not be able to absorb all the energies present in the universe. But we can start small – maybe, with our earth, at first.

Consume the energies of the green earth, the animals, plants and then you can look up and consume the energy of the stars beyond. Create yourselves.

When you are one with the pattern 333, not only will your inner voice communicate with you, but your guardian angels and spirits will come to stand beside you as well.

If you encounter this sign quite often, then it means that your guardian spirit is with you and looking after you. Just follow their lead and you will reach a safe place.

It may also mean that the universe is trying to communicate and telling you to think about what you are doing and where you are going.

Go deep – think. Maybe you are straying from your destined path. You can try to meditate too, if you want.

The vibrations of 333 are strong. Don’t let it slip away. Let it guide you through this period and bring the spiritual best in you.

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