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Tonight’s Full Super Moon In Capricorn Will Inspire Us To Strive For Better Goals

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2021 Full Moon in Capricorn will dilute the intensity of the eclipse season and light up our emotional foundations.

In addition, we can also expect some grave questions that require us to review them at close quarters. We will be faced with questions about whether this is supportive towards us and if it will lay out a clear path leading to our goals.

Such queries certainly mark a shift from the past few weeks that have only brought chaos in the activities and communication. Recently there is growing attention that is flowing towards the material matters existing in our world.

This is instead of emphasizing our ambitions and our minds or the confusion experienced by us. Hence, we are left confused as to what is being built or where we can find reliance.

This is a form of review whereby it is scaling back after refocusing on things we have experienced so far. During 2020 we witnessed many evolutionary forces that shook our institutions, infrastructure, and foundations.

There have been simplifying waves throughout the past 18 months that have discarded a lot of things including all that we earlier pursued, tolerated, and entertained. This wave also demanded that we prioritize our own well-being rather than others.

Capricorn Lunation Laying The Ground 

Everything that is left from the past needs to be examined now owing to the reason that this Capricorn lunation motivates us to eliminate or rework a few of the elements. After editing and modifying our life we must sufficiently water the ground in order for it to rest and become fertile for the future.

Saturn is ruling this 2021 Full Moon in Capricorn. Moreover, Saturn is engaged in an ongoing struggle with Uranus that is testing and combatting for dominance.

On the other hand, we are striving to find viable alternatives and choose suitable options with the help of unconventional approaches. This tussle will disrupt our community harmony, friendship, or our collective effort. This stress involves a demand for accountability and originality.

We might also face some issues with technology on a global level and authority. This cosmic alignment makes it difficult to keep tolerating any unsatisfying situation or ignore unstable aspects. Unsupporting and off-putting elements must be removed immediately and unclutter our life for progress.

Celestial Arrangements Will Swing Balance 

Two important aspects of our life including money and desire will be significantly influenced by the tension created by celestial arrangements. Both Uranus and Saturn are involved in a struggle that will make it difficult for us to fix relationships and diagnose physical issues.

Venus who is the goddess of money, creativity, and love is nurturing our emotional sign of Cancer. Furthermore, Cancer is opposing Pluto that represents the underworld. As a result of these celestial configurations, we shall experience a strong drive from our primal instincts and instability from evolutionary forces. Nonetheless, we will feel safe and comforted throughout this Full Moon phase.

This lunation might also bring a gap between the desire of our heart and the massive impulses thrown across the psyches, both from conscious control and the world. When Pluto is met by the Moon we will definitely have clarity regarding our feelings. This sudden awareness will act as a switch that will remove all the confusion in our emotions.

The Capricorn lunation will also be accompanied by a beautiful connection with the earth and nature. Jupiter will arrive in Pisces that will make us gentle, optimistic, and believing in magic. We will also feel a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the support and love received.

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