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Don’t Expect A Narcissist To Do These 10 Things For You

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Those people that were never in relationships or didn’t have a member of their family who is actually a narcissist are incredibly fortunate.

Narcissists probably have the most unfriendly and toxic personality that a person may have.

Hence, it is simply normal that a narcissist can just cause unknown damage and even hurt others around him or her.

Furthermore, they only focus their attention on their desires and needs. They are never going to concern themselves about something that others like.

Narcissists are always going to attempt to manipulate others, in order to find to escape any trouble.

Here are the ten things which will make us better understand why narcissists are not capable of taking care of others around them and show compassion and love:

They never apologize.

Narcissists are never going to acknowledge when they did something wrong or apologize. Their instinct actually forces them to make us believe that we are crazy. In this way, we are going to absorb the entire blame. Furthermore, they always redirect their conversations, and in their own mind, they believe they are perfect.

They never provide any emotional support.

Narcissists do not know how they can provide us with emotional support. We are not even supposed to expect emotions from them. They love to control us and make us feel powerless. Hence, they don’t know anything about giving emotional support.

They will never love us just like we love them.

Narcissists only love themselves. They are only going to ‘love’ us if they can benefit from that love in a certain way. When we make them feel loved and beautiful, they are going to except us to entirely devote ourselves to that relationship and simply focus on their selfishness.

They are never responsible for their own actions.

Narcissists are never guilty. Hence, they cannot be responsible for their own actions. Well, the fact that they will never take responsibility for their wrongdoings is a well-known one. They think that in no way can they make mistakes.

They never care about our feelings.

For narcissists, it is quite easy when it comes to hurting others around them, particularly those that are their closest. One of the worst things would be that they are never going to care how we feel. They cannot understand that they are the ones that are causing us pain.

They will not make us feel good.

The goal of narcissists is to make other people feel miserable. This means that they are going to befriend anyone that is fragile, passive, or less attractive, and this is what makes them feel powerful, and even build their ego.

They never appreciate anything.

Regardless of what we do, it will never be enough for narcissists. Regardless of how brave we were, all the plans we made, or also the clothes we bought, is never going to be enough when it comes to satisfying them.

Our problems are our own.

We should never bother when it comes to telling our problems to narcissists. They are going to use those problems and our feelings against us. We should remember that after all, all they care about is their own problems, as they don’t have time to listen for ours.

We cannot be equal.

Narcissists believe that they are far better than others. Hence, they are never going to consider us equal.

They cannot provide security.

It is not possible to please narcissists. However, one problematic thing when in relationships would be that they are never going to provide us with emotional support or security. That’s why romantic relationships with narcissists are just like we walk on the eggshells. 

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