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October Astrology Forecast: The Universe Is Within You

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by Conscious Reminder 

September explored the grey area between good and evil, happy and sad, success and failure. It was a month of uncountable epiphanies and a lot of pondering over what kind of vibes you wish to welcome.

Karma was at work all month long to due the influence of Saturn. Basically if you caused no harm to anyone you reaped benefits and if you actually went ahead and did terrible things, you got your price.

According to Lovinglightastrologer.com, “Monday morning the first of October is a bit on the slow side with the moon void of course then moving into the emotional sign  of Cancer. In addition, Pluto just went direct a few hours before the page turned on the calendar to October.

This means that the month begins with the intensity of Pluto with the focused laser quality charging up your manifestations. Definitely want to be conscious of what your thoughts and emotions are, as the Pluto charge can bring into existence what you are thinking about.”

Venus will be in Retrograde from October 6 to November 16. Don’t worry for it’ll be a good time as you’ll be more charming and graceful than usual. The position will also bring a lot of balance and draw positive energy into your life so you can expect a fruitful period of infinite possibilities.

Venus will act as a magnet to prosperity even if its initiation in Scorpio is not that powerful. You will know the right people to sign business ventures with or the right person to invest your emotional energy. On the other hand, you would also know who the ones you must avoid like the plague are.

However, all that being said, Venus also crosses Libra, which will make you redefine relationships and evaluate bonds of the past. The star Zuben Elgenubi is according to many astrologers, “Bad for marriage, sudden and secret death, may be poisoned owing to the jealousy of one of own s*x.”

Lovinglightastrologer.com also has some important things to keep in mind for October 31st, Halloween. According to the website, the tricky day has two planets shifting signs ushering in a change in the planetary weather pattern.

Mercury will move to seek more knowledge, while Sagittarius and Venus will dip back into her territory of Libra. She will move direct from the sign she rules. Be very mindful about your relationships during this time. They also add, “In recap this month begins with Pluto newly direct; a great help for will power and determination for whatever you want to manifest for your life.

The Libra New moon on the 8th shifts the energy to Venus and she goes retrograde on the 5th reevaluating what you love, want, desire in your life. It also is intimately connected to whatever houses in your chart that Venus rules, so look at your personal chart to find what houses the signs of Taurus and Libra are in.

Social event, getting out and enjoying music, festivals, art and easy gatherings are abundant. When the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd followed by the full moon in Taurus the next day whatever cracks are in your relationships are no longer ignored. The intensity can bring you closer together or decide you need a break.”

So enjoy the beginning of the season of mirth and stay safe!

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