The First 2020 Mercury Retrograde Starts Tomorrow And It Will Shake Things Up

by Conscious Reminder

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This quote by Wayne Dyer seems to be the mantra for this Mercury Retrograde rebirth that we will all feel in some way.

Come February, a lot of celestial events are to occur. One such major event is the Mercury Retrograde. Are you ready for it?

17th February is the day on which Mercury will go Retrograde. A lot of chaos and turmoil should be expected to begin this day and remain so till March 9th or 10th.

The Retrograde will start in the sign of Pisces while it will end in the sign of Aquarius. Thus we should expect a lot of energy changes during this period.

Feeling emotional would be the highlight of this Mercury Retrograde for us. But that is not always a bad thing as we think it to be. Being emotional, we will also become more frank and honest with others.

We don’t think this is a bad thing. You’ll certainly worry less about what others are thinking. If you manage to remain calm during these rough times, you’ll see that everything will go well.

On 17th February, Mercury will go Retrograde at 12 degrees in Pisces. It will also aspect the Moon in a challenging way. Mercury is alone as no major star is in conjunction with it. Moon, however, is currently in the middle of the sign of Scorpio.

This square between the Moon and Mercury builds a hyper-tension amidst one’s heart and mind. Similarly, a sort of internal struggle might arise between what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling.

If you have a strong feeling or opinion regarding anything then question it. It will be subjected to your questions, indecisiveness and how your emotions and interests vary.

This Mercury Retrograde will allow you to frankly and honestly talk about your feelings. But the received message might not be as caring or as thoughtful as you had expected.

Intimate relationships will be at risk of being harmed by moodiness or a narrow outlook of a situation. You are not thinking about others’ opinion but probably your partner is.

This is an excellent time for reflection. Take a step back as it will help you move forward with greater confidence later on.

If you are planning something for the future then this Retrograde should be utilized by you in going through the details of the plan.

Although Mercury will not be at its highest power and it will be giving opposite results, we shouldn’t think of it as a negative time. Keeping a tab on your emotions will be crucial during this time. Also, don’t indulge in daydreaming. Pay attention to the details and make your future better.

As the Retrograde begins, you would do things that you normally wouldn’t have done. People will pose questions that will make you feel like you’re out of place. So, just try to be calm and grounded during this time.

Maybe currently you are feeling like things may fall apart. But if you keep calm and pay attention to the small things, you’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll have gained something from this Retrograde!

Have faith and have fun!

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