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Let Your Spirit Animal Channel Your Powerful Goddess

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Is the female power significant to you? In fact, what does it means to you or what actually defines it? Is it courage, femininity, or beauty? In order to entirely embrace the feminine power, every woman should tap in her most initial instinct.

Who is she truly? If she takes away her makeup, or clothes, or her presence on social media, what will be left of her?

Women should think about the animal species that are dominated by females: the queen bee, or the lioness, or also the praying mantis and so on.

Here are several goddess spirit animals. Continue reading and see to which of them you are connected, which one should guide you, and which of them is going to help you in invoking your inner female powers.

Here they are:

Queen bee

The society of honey bees is unbelievably matriarchal because their hive is actually filled with worker bees that are females. They choose the queen out of them and continuously raise her.

On the other hand, males or drones exist only for sex, and they die right after they mate with their queen. In fact, this queen bee is the regulator of its entire hive unity and also lays eggs. Moreover, she is said to be the only one that has entirely developed ovaries.


At the time when the jungle’s kind is snoozing on the rocks, the females hunt, as they are better at hunting than lions. The lionesses are said to be the defenders of their cubs and territory against the male predators.

They usually remain in the region where their mothers gave birth to them, so because of that their land, hunting grounds and community can be better understood. They create, defend, and they are the soul and the heart of the pride.

Komodo dragon

Komodo dragons say that they do not need a man. These females are so free and liberated, so they don’t need mates to procreate.

The Komodo dragon goes through the process which is called parthenogenesis, during which the female develops eggs without the process of fertilization. The Komodo dragon is said to be the ultimate confident and independent woman.


The orca is the deadliest species of dolphin, led by the matriarchal females that have the responsibility for the survival of their species.

The female orcas were said to be knowledgeable and adaptable, or even complex and environment-oriented when it comes to tracking the food or taking care of their young. This animal’s lifespan is about 90 years.

Naked mole-rats

Just like the bee, the naked mole-rat is commanded by the queen. As they have thick and transparent skin, and also hairless bodies and sharp teeth, the females live underground, in colonies.

The queen is the only one that breeds and prevents the other females from breeding. The queen chooses a few mates that gradually increase their weight as of the increase in their testosterone. Her dominance is really powerful, affecting other females, so they have their hormones decreased.


This animal lives in a matriarchal and peaceful society which survives for generations. The head of the heard is the largest and oldest female, because she presides, guides, and leads over the entire family.

The elephant is said to be an extremely intelligent creature that has unbelievable memory. Usually, the herds of elephants consist generally of mothers, sisters, and daughters. The females are only responsible for expanding and surviving their kind.

Spotted hyena

The females of this species are the more dominant and stronger gender. In fact, the males are smaller than them, which is why this species is the largest one in this world.

The dominant females are the leaders of clans made of 100 or more hyenas. They have a really long clitoris, which resembles a male sex organ, and it is even able to erection. They even give birth through this organ.

Praying mantis

The females of this species are sexual carnivores. They are deadly hunters, as their pray is their mate that sacrifices himself. After they mate, the males allow the females to eat them in order to increase their reproduction advantage.

However, when there is just one male around, he is going to be the father of many offspring, right before the female consumes it.


Can you imagine a man that is afraid of sexual act? Well, the aggressive and really powerful female octopus tends to eat the male after they mate, for nourishment.

However, the males are intelligent and usually try to escape after they mate, and they jump on the female’s back and swim away. They have developed longer tentacles which are designed actually to help them in escaping from these hungry females.

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