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Aries New Pink Moon, March 2023 – A Breath Of Fresh Air

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon in Aries March 2023 is the most powerful and transformative moon of the year, bringing a lot of change – whether you’re ready for it or not.

The New Moon in March 2023 can’t come soon enough because, let’s face it, 2023 has been fraught with setbacks. However, this fiery New Moon in Aries is about to launch us into a brave new world and a bright new future. So, if you had a sluggish or less-than-stellar start to the new year, brace yourself for action-packed thrills and complete mood shifts.

The New Moon March 2023 comes barreling forward at exactly 0 degrees in the sign of the Ram – as Pisces season 2023 shudders to a close on March 21, 2023, at 13:23 p.m. EST (17:23 GMT). Say hello to Aries season 2023, the Spring Equinox 2023, and fresh starts for all.

If the stars wanted to tell us that this is a significant initiating energy, they could not have been more subtle. This New Moon is making a bold and fiery entrance that will be noticed because, as we all know, this lunation marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter in both our personal lives and the collective.

We’re talking about societal-shifting, culture-defining, front-page-news-worthy changes and transformations. Yes, this date in the Moon calendar 2023 should not be overlooked!

The astrological New Year begins with the New Moon in Aries, but that’s not all. It also occurs in the same month that Pluto, the planet of power, enters the innovative sign of Aquarius. It will also mark the end of Mars’s exceptionally long stay in order for it to enter Cancer, another cardinal and initiating sign.

All of this energy is like a huge cosmic green light to start something you’ve always wanted to start but lacked the willpower, energy, or courage to do so. It begs us to set aside our fears and doubts, to know that we have the stars on our side as we embark on new adventures.

The New Moon March 2023 is a time to plant seeds of intention. This is because our actions, as well as our thoughts and beliefs, take on added weight and significance during New Moons. If you’ve ever wondered how or when to manifest, the New Moon is the perfect time.

How will you approach this new chapter? Here’s how the March 2023 New Moon will affect you based on your zodiac sign.


Remember the limitless, infinite possibilities of the Universe – and your future – as the New Moon in March 2023 supercharges your first house of the personal self. Aries, use this New Moon to shift your focus from what you want to be to who you want to be. If you’re brave and bold enough to dream it, manifest it, believe it, and then be it, you can have a bright new future right now. You can call it “faking it until you make it,” or you can use the energy of this New Moon to remind yourself that it’s never too early – or too late – to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. And they’re meant to be.


This New Moon brings powerful healing energies, as well as the much-needed fresh start for your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It’s no secret that, among the zodiac signs, you’ve had your fair share of cosmic tribulations in recent years. That is all changing now, Taurus. With the New Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious mind on March 20, 2023, you are attracting what you need to take care of your health and heart. You can begin to be kinder to yourself by reconnecting with the parts of yourself that you have ignored or criticized. There are no bad parts, so bring everyone along for the ride.


With the New Moon in your eleventh house of friends and groups on March 20, 2023, expect your social calendar to fill up quickly. You’re embarking on a new adventure with an entirely new set of contacts, which may necessitate recalibrating who has access to your abundant energy. Social hierarchies are designed to reinforce status and power, and this will be amplified for you now more than ever. You might discover that you’re ready to step up and into the spotlight, taking on a more leadership role in your circle. Just as likely is the unexpected appearance of a new and transformative figure who will literally alter your course. Remember your principles, Gemini.


Cancer, the sky is literally the limit. What have you always wanted to do: become a parent? Are you getting a promotion at work? Starting your own company? This pivotal, potent, and transformative New Moon in your tenth house of career has major level-up potential. Whatever you manifest right now has the potential to escalate quickly, but remember that because you’ve been dreaming about it for a long time (perhaps even your entire life), you’re more than prepared for it. That is true. Power may not be something you’re used to wielding, but it’s time to claim it. You’re fully in control as you take your career to exciting and well-deserved new heights.


Life has felt constricting in recent years, and your world has most likely shrunk, Leo. While hermit mode was a welcome respite, it is now time to restart. With the New Moon in your ninth house of spiritual growth in March 2023, you’re now primed for adventure. Use those hard-won lessons to your advantage. Share your heart and your story with those who are close to you. Then listen to what they have to say. Connect with people from all walks of life, travel to new places, and learn about new languages or cultures. Start something you’ve always wanted to try, because this New Moon represents a dream come true for you.


When it comes to cosmic blessings, you’re in luck, Virgo. With the New Moon in your eighth house of karmic debts on March 20, 2023, you’re more aware than ever of financial and emotional imbalances between you and others in your life. It’s time to hit the reset button and make a firm decision to leave the past where it belongs: in the past. This energy is not about a cosmic tit-for-tat and calculating what you are owed. Instead, it’s about deciding that some of your time and energy investments did not pan out the way you expected, but you have plenty of clear examples of where they did. And those point the way to a fresh start in the future.


Do you remember the first time you fell in love with someone new? This fun, flirtatious, and fiery New Moon in your seventh house of committed relationships is your signature. Whatever your current relationship status is, it’s possible that you could benefit from a fresh start, one that reminds you why love is such a popular topic among Libras. Examine your current relationship status; does it require a spark to get you out of a romantic rut? Could you be giving more? Could you improve your advocacy and reception skills? Now is the time to make the necessary changes in order to receive the love you desire – and deserve.


If your daily chores and tasks have become monotonous and predictable, the New Moon on March 2023 can usher in some fresh and exciting changes to your routine. Taking place in your sixth house of habits, this is an excellent time to start something new that will get you out of a rut. Nobody wants to feel like they’re stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel, so what’s keeping you from feeling more inspired? If you’ve been thinking about scheduling time for walks, workouts, meditation, or journaling, do it. Remember, Scorpio, that anything that allows you to release pent-up energy rather than storing it in your body will be very beneficial to you right now.


No one enjoys being stuck in a creative rut, but luckily for you, Sagittarius, you’re about to break free. With this fiery New Moon in your fifth house of fun, it’s as if the Muses themselves are paying you a visit and bringing you gifts. Those presents? The divine inspiration you’ve been looking for to kickstart your creative endeavors. The specifics are up to you – it could be an artistic project, you could decide to “put yourself out there” on a dating app, or you could decide to expand your family as the New Moon March 2023 is ripe for it. Whatever you put your energy into, know that the stars are on your side.


Capricorn, this New Moon is hitting close to home. In other words, your fourth house of home and family. It’s time to consider what home means to you – and whether there are any areas of your current living environment that could benefit from a good spring cleaning. While that phrase may suggest some inner resetting, such as getting some rest and relaxation, it may also encourage you to make a big move or begin a home renovation project. Consider what appears to be lacking in your home life – and take the necessary steps now to initiate the conversations and actions that will eventually make your home feel more like a sanctuary.


Your curiosity – and creativity – are piqued right now, Aquarius, with this New Moon in your third house of communication. It means that any topic on which you decide to concentrate your efforts will be more inspiring to you. While you may find yourself drawn to new topics of interest, you may also discover a renewed interest in some of your old favorites. They will, however, have a completely new set of eyes and perspectives. Remember that two heads are better than one, so if you feel compelled to call or text a friend to bounce ideas off of, do so. It could be the start of a fruitful new joint venture for both of you.


Finances are on your mind, and fortunately for you, you may be experiencing an influx of new income and other opportunities to make money. With the New Moon in your second house of resources in March 2023, this is an excellent time to set some financial goals for yourself, Pisces. Remember that this is Aries’ initiating energy, so small and quick victories are the order of the day right now if making big, long-term decisions feels overwhelming or intimidating. You simply need some positive reinforcement that your ideas are valuable, which makes now the ideal time to align yourself with coworkers, colleagues, or other partners who share your beliefs and want to invest in you.

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