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Full Moon In Aries Raising October 20th: Intensive Fiery Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

The October 2021 Full Moon is offering so much energy that it might feel overwhelming. These are intense energies, however, they will also have insights, wisdom, and healing on offer.

The Aries Full Moon happening on 20th October will also be activating Eris, Pluto, and Mars’ energies, forming a so-called T-Square.

This energy configuration can build up tension, however, sometimes, tension is required to bring about action. Sometimes, only when we are stretched to our limits do we feel the need to speak up and act.

This Full Moon Is A Time For Action

This is the essence of the October Full Moon. It is asking us to act affirmatively. However, with the involvement of Eris, Pluto, and Mars, it can be a little tricky. Their energies may make it difficult to be certain of what to do.

At times, the energies of these planets can make us act egotistic or try to take control. At times, our darker and more heated feelings can be triggered by these planetary energies. As a result, we might be excessively forceful or lash out more often.

It will be beneficial to be mindful of all this as the October Full Moon energy arrives. However, do not let this stop you from acting out what you feel is right. This energy is extremely assertive. Sometimes it is necessary for us to put our foot down, be firm, and talk about our necessities.

If you face some tough decisions during the October Full Moon, then there are some things that might help. The first will be to assess the situations where you are the driver and you are leading fearfully.

Mars represents a fearless warrior. Strong Mars energy can provide a good opportunity for getting over a few of our deepest fears. This may be a great time for wearing our warrior’s helmet and taking our confidence to the next level.

If there is some action that must be taken, then think about the areas where fear is influencing your decisions. Try to figure out if the fear can be acknowledged because the path forward might just be on its other side.

One more tip for the October Full Moon will be contemplating your own transformations and rebirth so far in the year. Think of the actions the new you would take. This manner of thinking can help you get rid of old habits and embrace new purposeful habits.

Sometimes there are no “right” decisions, instead, we just have to make our decision work out the best we can. Every decision is a chance to learn and grow.  

Take This Time To Reassess Your Goals

The October Full Moon will also encourage us to contemplate the values and goals that we want to release. Aries’ influence can take us back to past times in the year when intentions were set.

Right now, we might be feeling proud for achieving it, or upset for them ending disappointingly. Regardless of your current situation, the October Full will be a kind of reality check.

Apart from the strong energy based on action, Chariklo’s subtler, softer energy is also present. Chariklo, the asteroid, helps us connect our two manners of beings – the spiritual and the physical.

The energy of Chariklo is similar to the tranquil spot when we meditate deeply. It will be extremely beneficial to connect with Chariklo energy. Try to move beyond your life’s limitations and at the soul.

Spend time connecting with the essence of your soul in the manner you want to – be it meditation, music, or doing art. Honor your soul and nourish it along with the adventure that you have prepared for yourself.

Remember there is always a reason behind all the decisions taken by your soul. Even if this realization does not make things better, it can guide us towards a new point of view. It can help us remember that our time here is only temporary. 

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