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How To Fall In Love And To Stay There? An Astrological Guide

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by Linda Tint,
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Today falling in love is often recognized as a psychiatric diagnosis, however it’s still a vital state for most of humanity.

Everyone experiences mind-blowing mood in presence of a lover, however a few manage not to lose the attraction due to failed personal expectations, narcissistic embarrassment or lack of energy needed in order to support prolonged emotional connection with the other.

Every star has two sides, and every person, be it a sociopath or telepath, can find a way to stay on the light one. Here is a guide for all Zodiac signs who are in one step from falling out of their love.

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Principle of a safe shore

Self-harmony is important for Water Signs, that’s why before sailing into the depths of feelings one should make a good boat. It’s not good to jump into the unknown water, because the sea bottom can be shallow.

While connecting with a loved and desired one, it’s important to beware of your own personal borders. It’s vital not to let personality of the other to swallow you – even though it seems a tempting perspective, just like falling into the waves.

However if you already fell in and found a dangerous storm beginning, don’t panic. If you swam far enough, try to find an island where you could make a shelter while emotional state of your lover would stabilize. You could watch the storm from its shore, and the view should be beautiful and inspiring.

Fire: Sagittarius, Leo, Aries

Principle of sparkle

Fire starts with a pretty sparkle. When you enter someone’s life, be careful not to mistake it as a part of yours and not to burn it down.

There are more chances to save the connection from destruction, if you direct your flaming energy not on the person but on environment in order to make it warmer for your relationship.

Remember that your element – Fire – is the only one that can for sure save life, or kill.

Air: Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

Principle of relaxed wings

Flying in the clouds or making traveling plans is good for your inner self, however not for a person who turns out to be close to you and may have no flying equipment.

Others can be not as perspective and foreseeing as you, and you should remember it if you are embarrassed and want to flee.

Sometimes it’s good to lose tension in your wings and discover what the one who took you down can actually show. Try to look at his/her ground from his or her point of view – it may turn out to be as exiting as a journey in the sky.

Earth: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

Principle of careful step

Being careful when you are falling for someone means that you lose it when you are already in. You want to step out of the ground when your principles don’t fit the world of that mysterious person you was desperately looking for, and later you regret this step because there were actually many beautiful sides of your union.

They cannot be seen from the Earth or when you are in the beginning of your way with this particular person, but you sense them when you are alone in your area and there is not much way back.

In order to keep the connection safe from impulsive actions that can damage a world of the two, it’s important to remember about the other, invisible sides of your relationship which are going to arrive if you carefully step further.

About the Author: Linda Tint, writer, neuropsychologist, astrological psychologist. Intuitive Guide, Healer of Energy and Protector.

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