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Sagittarius New Moon Ritual December 2018: Honoring Your Accomplishments In 2018

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by Tanaaz | Forever Conscious 

2018 has been a year of inner growth, and now that we reach the last lunar cycle for the year, we may be feeling reflective about where we have been and where we are heading.

The Sagittarius New Moon on December 6-7th encourages us to celebrate all that we have done and all that we have achieved. It beckons us to recognize the inner growth we have completed and to honor ourselves for where we stand today.

It also encourages us to enjoy the holiday season and to not worry too much about what is ahead. The Universe has a plan, and it is unfolding in perfect timing.

This ritual is here to help you step into a more relaxed and positive state of mind. It is going to use the vibes of the New Moon to help you honor where you are, and all the hard work you have achieved throughout the year.

Inner growth was a huge part of 2018, so even if you feel like you haven’t done much, know on the inside you have been blossoming.

Sagittarius New Moon Ritual 

This ritual is best done December 4-17, 2018

You Will Need:

  • Smudging tools of choice
  • Candle (white preferably)
  • Your favorite crystal*
  • Self-care/Joy activity (go to step 7 to understand more!)

*Rose quartz called to me for use in this ritual, however, it’s important to choose whatever crystal feels right to you and your soul. Ask your crystals which one would be perfect for this ritual and then see which one calls to you. 


1.) Begin by smudging your aura and surroundings. For more specific information, read this. Start by smudging your aura first and then move onto your space. You can also smudge your crystal if you wish as well. Here are some suggested mantras to recite as you smudge:

While smudging your aura:

“I cleanse my light body, I cleanse my soul, I cleanse all that keeps me from being whole. I cleanse my heart, my mind, and my hands. I cleanse the base of my feet, and the back of my neck, I cleanse myself all over so I feel at rest. I am light. I am one. I am free. I am restored to perfect harmony.”

While smudging your surroundings and crystal:

“I cleanse my space with light and loving energy. My space is secure and protected. Only the light can shine in. All other energies are now removed. I am cleansed, this space is cleansed. I am light, this space is light. I am whole, this space is whole. I fill it now with joy and love. I fill this space with all that brings me peace. This space is protected. This space has been cleansed. This space is protected. This space has been cleansed.”

2.) Light your candle and place it directly in front of you. Take your crystal, hold it in both your hands and press it against your heart center. Take 10 deep breaths here. As you breathe, imagine syncing your body with the energy of the crystal. Imagine inhaling and exhaling its energy.

3.) Now move the crystal so it’s pressed against your forehead and third eye. Take another 10 deep breaths here.

4.) Now move the crystal so it’s pressed against your belly, just under your bellybutton. Repeat the process and take another 10 deep breaths.

5.) Bring the crystal back to your heart center and recite the following mantra or feel free to write your own-

“I honor where I am and trust that everything is unfolding for me in Divine timing. I honor where I am at and know that I am on the perfect path for me and my spiritual journey. I honor where I am at and accept all that has come my way. I know that it has made me stronger, wiser, kinder, and helped me to tune into more of my true essence.”

6.) Now, with the crystal still in both hands, lift your arms up so the crystal is resting above your head where your crown chakra area would be (about an inch or two from the top of your head is great). Recite the following mantra or write your own-

“I open myself to the signs and messages of the Universe/God. I open myself to the signs and messages of my highest guides and angels. I open myself to the guidance of the Moon, the Sun, and the stars. I open myself so I may see the path to my highest destiny. With my gift of openness, I offer joy. I will fill my life with joy, love, and laughter. I will fill my life with joy, love, and laughter. And so it will be.”

7.) Take your crystal and place it on your lap or nearby. Now you are going to do your joy/ self-care activity as an offering of high vibration energy to yourself and to the Universe. This can be anything that brings you joy and fills you up. There are no limits and it can be something simple. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Relaxing bath
  • Baking
  • Masturbating
  • Creative activity (painting, journaling etc.)
  • Dancing
  • Singing/playing music

Please don’t leave your candle unattended while you do your activity, it is fine to snuff it out and re-light it.

8.) Conduct your activity with your crystal nearby. Once completed come back to your candle, light it again if needed, and sit in front of it with your crystal in both hands near your heart center and thank the Universe/God, your guides, angels, and yourself. Kiss your crystal to seal in the joy and keep it by your bedside for the next few days so you can continue to soak up all that joy energy!

9.) Snuff the candle to close the ritual.

Happy New Moon!

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