109-Year-Old Woman Says Avoiding Men Is The Secret To Longevity

by Conscious Reminder

When we are being asked the question about the secret of living a long life, the chances actually are that a lot of us are going to answer that it is all in leading a healthy life, and also eating good and healthy food.

Even though it’s completely true, and nobody can deny the fact that exercising on a regular basis, maintaining a balanced diet, or feeling tranquility and calmness are significant for the overall wellbeing of people, there is an additional secret to longevity that a lot of you have definitely never heard or thought of.

Well, this unusual explanation was given by a woman aged 109, named Jessie Gallen.

Four years ago, in 2015, the Holiday Retirement had carried out its detailed survey around America. The purpose has been to discover the factors which influenced longevity. Holiday Retirement talked to a lot of people that were aged 100 or were even older.

Some of the reasons they have mentioned that provided them with longevity were their family role or living their lives at their best.

But, a person named Jessie Gallen, who was born in the year 1906, and who was raised in the town of Kintore in Scotland on the farm which was owned by her family, responded in an entirely different way.

Jessie was leading a very simple and rural life.

Jessie Gallen visited a school for just a short time period, and after that, she started working at the kitchen of their farm, and then she became the housemaid in one rich family that lived in this same city.

However, after some time, she started another job, this time in a service industry. She spent the last years of her life in the Crosby House, which is the home for alone and ill seniors.

People remember her as an independent and lovely woman that liked to spend time with Sarah, who was one of her best friends. Jessie adored listening to music, and she never wanted to miss the exercise classes.

However, before her death in 2015, in March, she decided to share her secret of longevity. She said:

“My secret to a long life has been staying away from men,” she said. “They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.”

She added:

“I like my porridge. I have all my life.”

The opinion of Jessie Gallan is quite interesting, and it also gives us something to be seriously considered. Do you think that the fact that a lot of amazing women in the world cannot find the right partner in life is a sad or disturbing thing?

Or, you may think that it is a blessing too. Well, no person can answer this question appropriately. Or you can even claim that this 109-years-old woman was entirely right or wrong about her beliefs related to long living.

Well, if we take into consideration her 109 years of life, it may mean that her theory has to be something to focus on.

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