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Full Moon In Capricorn On 28th June, 2018: Time To Break Free From Your Shackles

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by Conscious Reminder

This month, the full moon will occur on Thursday, 28th June. It will be at 6° in the house of Capricorn.

This full moon will be in conjunction with two astral bodies. The first is a retrograde Saturn and the second is a star. The first two weeks following the full moon will be prone to bring out fears, guilt and inhibitions.

The Astrology

The exact location of the full moon is at 6°28’ Capricorn, which in turn is in alignment with Saturn closely. Being in retrograde, Saturn will not be in its most benevolent self during this transition.

Moon in conjunction with Saturn: This combination makes for a very trying time indeed. There will be a lot of strife and trouble, especially in your home and family sphere. You will find yourselves distanced from your most intimate relations if you are not careful.

Thinking too much about the past will bring with it the guilt that will only make things worse. Women especially would either be at the cause of the problem or at the receiving end of it. To go through this without any serious loss, you need to learn to open up to your near and dear ones.

Saturn in retrograde: As mentioned before, this is not going to be an easy period. You feel find your worst fears and inhibitions resurfacing like never before. But think of it in a positive light. Maybe the extreme emotions will finally lead you to address and eventually purge them.

Full Moon Change

Another influence working on the full moon is its Uranus trine. However this combination is weak at best because its orb is too wide (4°33’) to have much effect. You will need to work really hard to work the positivity of Uranus to bring some respite to your life. Uranus is associated with instincts and intuitions so you need to have trust in your gut feeling.

During this time you will also find the opportunity to meet new people, who might not share cultural or ethnic backgrounds with you. New relationships are always on the horizon whenever Uranus is in the picture.

The presence of Saturn might give these relationships a Karmic flavor. Don’t worry about that. It will all work out to be the best. At the same time it is also possible that if you are in a very unhealthy relationship, you will finally get a chance to let go. Everything is possible as long as you have the strong will to make it happen.

At 6°34’ in Capricorn is Kaus Borealis, a fixed star. This star is capable to give you the push required to turn your plans into action, but again, you have to take initiative first.


Many of your negative qualities and emotions will be surfacing during this time and so it will not be the most pleasant full moon experience for you. But remember they are only here to make you realize that you have been suppressing them and so they need to be addressed.

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