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Bring Balance To Your Relationships During This March 20 Libra Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon comes in alignment on 20th March bringing whole new energies your way. But that is not the only thing that is happening that day.

There is also Spring Equinox that will be marked by March 20th. So, there is double the energy that will interact with us.

The Full Moon will occur in the balanced Libra. Libra, being its judicious self, will bring the much-required balance in our lives. It will help us to put our lives in order and to bring our relationships to a proper alignment where required.

During this period, we might be spending a bit more attention to building relationships with other people. But we will also focus on our own selves as well.

Full moons bring a lot of opportunities but this Full Moon, there will be an extra bit of energy coming your way. Due to its combination with the Spring Equinox, we will get one of the brightest moons of the year.

It will heighten our productivity and also help us mend our broken relationships with our closest people – like family and friends.

According to Lisa Stardust, the moon will shift our focus from ‘me’ to a collective ‘we’. We will start to concentrate on our relationship with the outside world and will try to understand how others feel about us and how we feel about them.

The moon is set to bring a bit of structure to the relationship aspect of our lives and hence, will help our partnerships to grow stronger and better. It will help us to reach our higher forms.

So, during this period, we can actually study people better and know who is causing us harm and who can actually be good for our personal development.

If we find someone who is toxic and holding us back, it is best to cut them off. People who do not add any value to your life and better off not being in your life. It’s time for a new beginning.

However, it may not always be easy to cut certain people out of your life. If you are in such a position, then, it is always best for you to talk with them.

Tell them, what they are doing wrong and rather, just discuss and evaluate the relationship with each other. It is quite possible that your relationship required a bit of communication.

Communication gap is one of the most overlooked flaws in a relationship and the good news is, you can work on it. All it required is speaking out and inviting the other person to speak out to. So, reach out and address them.

Talk about the state of your relationship and what you think both should do to remedy it. Make sure that you are clear in your position and the discussion that takes place happens in a calm and composed manner.

The Full Moon is known to make the emotions go haywire, but try to keep yourself grounded. Do not let your emotions take the better of you.

However, if you have always known that there is a toxic person in your life and you have wanted to get them out of it, then, you are in luck. The moon will provide the necessary energy to let them go.

When your personal relationships start to get into order, you can focus on yourself better. You do not need to avoid conflict anymore.

Look inside, face yourself and tackle any imbalances that are present in your life or in any relationship that you are in. Take a step to bring harmony in it.

You will start to bring balance into your life during this period. So, be judicious and think before you act.

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