These Will Be The 4 Least Affected Zodiac Signs During The Week Of The Libra Full Moon

by Conscious Reminder

There is going to be another Full Moon, happening on the 20th of March, which will end this lunar cycle, in order to start another new lunar cycle.

Although every Full Moon may have an effect on every one of us, this particular one will be special for several reasons. The first reason would be as it is the third or also the last Super Moon, which completes the streak of the three Full Moons which occurred at the start of this year.

Simply said, this is what gives this Full Moon more power and intensity. This lunar phase will happen together with the March or Spring Equinox, something that does not occur very often. These two fell closely together in March of 2000, and after 19 years, they are here again.

Also, the two of them fell on the same day for the last time in March of 1981.  We are definitely going to be affected by this particular Full Moon. Fortunately, there are a few signs of the Zodiac that this Full Moon is going to impact the least.

During this month, the energy of the planet Venus will be very strong. This Full Moon is going to focus on the matters of this planet, such as love, self-worth, and money, making us reevaluate every feeling or emotion inside us on finances and relationships.

This lunar phase will rise in the sign of Libra, usually said to be the sign about relationships.

This actually means that we are all going to focus more on our connections with our loved ones, being more in tune with our relationships, regardless of the fact if they are platonic or romantic. Moreover, it will also be time to think more about our money than we usually do.

Full Moons generally mean that we will feel more moody and emotional than often, and when the emphasis is on relationships, the things may get a bit messy.

However, here are the four Zodiac signs for which everything will be okay, as they will be affected the least by this Full Moon:


This will definitely be a really nice time for the people born in this sign. With the planet that rules the sign of Gemini being still in retrograde, these people are going to feel blessed during the intense Full Moon in Libra by way of emotional wisdom. They should utilize this to their advantage.


The Full Moon will be the time for Virgo people to give their financial situation something more than only second thoughts. Money matters can provide them with the reason for rethinking their seasonal spending.

They should commit to a specific new plan in order to ensure themselves financial caution. They have to be careful, particularly when they go shopping.


The people born under this sign may feel a bit challenged in the way of faith and trust, and their signature, which is self-assuredness, at this period. They may also feel unsure of themselves during the Full Moon; however, they should take it slow in order to get through it.


This will be an excellent time for the people born under the sign of Pisces to better focus on their moving forward. Using their inner image as their guide, they can commit to transform and change their need under the luminary that comes.

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